Series Review: The Magicians, Season Three (Netflix)


Series Blurb:

After the magic shutdown after the events on last season, the characters must embark on an epic quest in order to restore magic.          

My Review:



The same great characters with a new mission that will forever change them. Though some kind of fall by the wayside (*cough cough* Kady), overall they are just as interesting as before.



A great and epic new plot that is covered in the books. I particularly enjoyed it this time around.



Though some of the side plots interrupted the flow a bit, I still enjoyed this season overall.

Overall Impression

After season two, I was raring to watch more, and I wasn’t disappointed with season three. While season two kind of went astray from the books, season three redeemed itself in that it followed the quest of the seven keys which was a huge part of the second book in the series.

Given that entire worlds of magic are at stake, the plot had me hooked from the first episode, and I also enjoyed the crazy antics of our beloved characters.

One minor quip is that Kady’s part in all of this seems to be getting smaller with each season, so I’d like to see her role revitalized somehow going forward.

Overall, this is a great continuation of the series, and I can’t wait for season four!

Final Score



That’s it for this series review. How about you? Have you seen this one?

Did you enjoy it? Love it, hate it? Feel free to comment, and have a great day!

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  1. I got kinda bored in the third season. The scenes seemed same-ol’-setup, same ol’ character behaviors. The characters were all awfully dark by the third season, too. Still, it had it’s moments, and the hubs loved it, so we watched the whole season.

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