Book Review: The Power Unleashed

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How’s everybody doing this fine morning? I’m pretty good, feeling a bit chipper because I just finished reading another book.

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This time around the book of choice is The Power Unleashed by JE Nelson.


Fun fact, I met the author at Crypticon last year! We hit it off, both of us being self-published authors, and since then we’ve been pretty good friends. I even interviewed her last year as well (interview here).

After reading her first book The Power Within, I was super excited when she told me her next one was out!


Daphne is back for more adventure in the 2nd book of The Power Within Series. She has grown more confident and powerful, which proves to be useful while fighting zombies and a new threat from a nearby camp. come a long on Daphne’s journey to more discovery, new friends, and unleashing her true power within.

The Review:



I gave this book four superpowered, zombie-fighting stars!

I was super excited when I heard that this book was out and had to continue Daphne’s journey!

After the events of the first novel, Daphne and her group have successfully survived the zombie apocalypse, establishing a camp near the beach. Though they don’t have a lavish life, they’ve adjusted as best they could.

But soon, a former threat comes back into the picture, jeopardizing everything Daphne holds dear. Can she and her group figure out how to thwart this threat, or will they die trying?

This was a great, light read, with many elements I enjoyed.

Daphne was great as always, and I love that the apocalypse hasn’t affected her ability to care and have hope for the future. Though there isn’t a ton of progression, I do think that she became a little less naïve and learned to think for herself a bit more.

The concept in general hasn’t changed, so I’m still enjoying that. The plot was very entertaining too, especially certain elements later on that I honestly can’t share because it would spoil things too much. I can say that we get more of an explanation for the way that things are, and that really tied up a lot of loose ends.

If I had to pick at anything, I would say maybe there could’ve been more description of the other members of Daphne’s camp since there were so many, but honestly it didn’t bug me all that much regardless.

All in all, this was a great continuation of Daphne’s apocalyptic adventure, and I can’t wait to read what happens next!

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  1. Yay! You have shown that reading slump who’s boss! The book didn’t grab me when I saw the cover (I know, I know) but your review makes me interested in reading it. I’m a fan of anything zombie related. Thanks, Jonny.

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