Documentary Review – Betty White: First Lady of Television (Netflix)


Documentary Blurb:

A look at Betty White’s life and career features behind-the-scenes clips of her work on television and comments from her friends and co-stars.           

My Review:

You may have noticed the setup for this review is a bit different. I didn’t feel that the criteria I placed for movie reviews really fit in the scheme of documentaries, so for anything reality TV or documentary in nature, I will simply give my opinion and a rating going forward. Just makes more sense this way.

Overall Impression

I love Betty White. I mean, who doesn’t? So when I had a Netflix and chill date at home with a handsome guy, he picked this one out. I don’t normally watch documentaries. An ex of mine loved conspiracy theory and I grew to hate documentaries about ten years back after watching so many “The world is going to end” films. So going in I was hesitant, but it was about Betty White, so I said hit that play button!

This documentary covers Betty White’s life in television, and man was I shocked! I had no idea her career went that far back and that she even had her own TV show. Talk about a prodigy! I know her from Golden Girls and movie roles after that, but not much before.

I found this documentary extremely heartfelt, educational, and entertaining. It really made me appreciate Betty White’s journey and who she is as a person. Such a great experience. I’m definitely going to give more documentaries a chance going forward!

Final Score



That’s it for this movie review. How about you? Have you seen this one?

Did you enjoy it? Love it, hate it? Feel free to comment, and have a great day!

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  1. Way back in the 90s I read an article by an artist who met her by accident. He was mentally ill but stable with meds. She was so freakin’ kind to him while others shunned him. She was supportive (and not only in the spotlight). It really boosted my opinion of White as a person as well as an actor.

    • You know, I believe that. Betty White has shown over the years just how generous and kind-hearted she is. I was blown away by all the extra info in the documentary. Who knew she was such a trendsetter?

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