Book Review: Animorphs #22, The Solution

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As promised, I have been hitting the Animorphs reads pretty fast, and I finished my first one in three sittings. Not bad considering I had guests over last night!

This time around I finished Animorphs #22, The Solution.


This is the concluding novel in the David trilogy, and I was psyched to see how it all ended. Let’s get into the review!


David, the newest Animorph, is not what he appears. His need to control the other Animorphs and Ax is all he thinks about. And the things he does are starting to break up the group.   

The Review:



I gave this book five flawless stars!

This book is the final installment in the David trilogy, and I couldn’t wait to dig into this one!

David seems to have killed Tobias, and Jake may also be dead. Ax comes to Rachel in the middle of the night and they head out to find Jake and sort out the nightmare that they’re in.

Will Jake be another casualty? Could he still be alive? How are they going to stop David? And how will they still stop the leaders of the free world from being turned into Controllers?

Y’all know I have an intense love for Rachel’s character. The warrior of the group, Rachel shows a fierce inner strength when things get tough, and this book is no exception.

David has made things extremely difficult for the Animorphs, and we get to see how Rachel handles things as an impromptu leader. She does show her inner fire in this book quite a lot, but we finally get to see her breaking point. She can’t always be Xena, warrior princess.

Still, I love how she ruthless and uncompromising she was with David. She really did hold herself back when it counted, and kudos to her. I was gunning for David’s disembowelment pretty much the entire time.

Plotwise, the stakes have been climbing since the first book in the trilogy, and they’ve never been higher. Not only do the Animorphs have a traitor in their midst, but the global meeting they were supposed to stop is still planned to happen in under 24 hours. Talk about nuts!

Every step of the way we were given plot twist after plot twist, and I was seriously living for all the action and developments. David is one sick puppy, and the Animorphs really have to think outside the box to come up with a plan to get rid of him. It doesn’t help that he can morph and be around them at any time.

I honestly have no negative things to say about this book. It was riveting, full of action and plot twists, and was a great final book to the David trilogy. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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