Hermann Bound! (Writer’s Retreat Update)

Happy Friday Eve everyone!

In just under an hour I’ll be heading out to Hermann, MO for my second writer’s retreat!


I wanted to stop in and give some brief updates on my retreat as well as some news related to postings while I’m away. 

I just got back from the grocery store (I’ll be cooking most of my meals while away) and absolutely hated it. Thank goodness I ran into my friend Augi (and his friend) and we got to chat as we shopped together, which helped lighten the mood.

With all the concerns about Coronavirus, everyone is in full-on panic mode, and it’s really grating on my nerves. I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care. I’m still going on vacation, and I will be as safe as possible, but I am also going to relax and still visit some wineries if they are open. I have to live my life despite all the craziness of this pandemic.

I may be returning home to being remote at my job, which I fully support and actually believe it’ll be good for my productivity, but ANYWAYS, let’s get to the real update.

My vacation has been cut one day short at my company’s request, so I’ll be returning home Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

While I’m gone I will continue to post book reviews and my weekly progress update, but other than that will not be posting. This is the time for me to rest and relax.

I finished plotting out the remainder of my third act last night (talk about cutting it close!) and am amped up to finish on my four-day retreat.

Thanks again for supporting my journey to finishing my Reaper sequel. I am eternally grateful, and while I know it’s taken a bit longer than I expected, I think you’ll be happier with the results in the end.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I went to herman for a weekend get away once and loved it! I hope you LOVE it. There is a wine that taste like key lime pie…. I miss it. And there isnt much I miss from mo.

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