Book Review: Animorphs #26, The Attack

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This is my last night in Hermann, MO, and I’m happy to say that I’ve finished another Animorphs book for my Animorphs Readathon. This will be the last Animorphs read in my readathon. I’ve simply got to move on to other reads at this point, but I’ve had so much fun!

This time around I’m reviewing Animorphs #26, The Attack.




The Ellimist has helped the Animorphs many times. He is all-powerful and has only one enemy, the Crayak. In a cosmic showdown, the two enemies choose champions to represent them in a battle to end all battles. The Crayak chooses the dreaded Howlers. The Ellimist chooses the Animorphs.

The Review:



I gave this book five Howler stars!

This time around we are in Jake’s POV, which is always a very level-headed perspective.

Jake and the others are at school in the gym when suddenly time stops. The Ellimist appears and has a mission for them. A mission that they may not come back from. A mission that will test their will and their wits.

Not having a ton of info at their disposal, the Animorphs decide to accept the challenge and are whisked away to a strange world. Can they survive their oppressors in this new landscape, or will they crumble under their might?

This book had it all. The action, the mystery, a little bit of humor and romance.

Jake as always is a natural-born leader, and with exquisite wit, he is able to lead the others through this tough battle. There’s pretty much equal time between characters, so it was very balanced. And we get a nice little development between him and Cassie in the process. Jake did a stellar job of gauging the situation from event to event and making an educated (or uneducated) decision, something a lot of us adults can’t seem to do. Bravo, Jake!

The plot was really great. You know the Ellimist is going to ask the world out of them, and this book is no different. The Howlers are some jacked-up enemies almost impossible to battle, and the stakes surrounding this battle are super high. Also, the bizarre world they are transported to was very unique and colorful as well.

The only thing I can think to nitpick is the Ellimist. He’s basically using the Animorphs and not really giving them anything in return, which is ridiculous, but that is his nature, so I can’t really knock any star pointage for him sticking to what he always does.

The Animorphs are fierce, witty, and resilient in this novel, and I can’t wait to read more!

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