Book Review: Animorphs #28, The Experiment

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Anyways, back to this post. Late last night I finished another Animorphs book, yay! This time around it’s Animorphs #28, The Experiment.


Fun fact, this is another ghostwritten Animorphs book, this time by Amy Garvey.


The Yeerks are ready to control humans where it counts — in their DNA. They’re working on a drug that saps humans of their free will. But the Animorphs show them that human free will runs deeper than any drug can reach

The Review:



I gave this book four stars!

I really enjoyed this book.

This time around we are in Ax’s POV, which we don’t get to see often enough if you ask me.

Tipped off by Erek their Chee friend, the Animorphs learn of a set of facilities run by the Yeerks. The only problem is, they aren’t really sure what their enemy’s goal is. Forced into yet another impossible mission, the Animorphs assemble, determined to halt the Yeerks’ plans however they can.

There were plenty of great elements to this book and one not so great element.

First and foremost, the writing level was wonderful. I don’t really know of the ghostwriter Amy Garvey, but she really nailed all of our favorite characters. What’s better is that she instilled so much comedy into this book. I couldn’t stop laughing!

Ax doesn’t quite understand humans as much as he thinks he does, and its humorous to see him using cultural references in odd and unexpected ways after he acquires a TV. I loved every minute of it, so much that I’m going to briefly quote a small passage I couldn’t stop laughing from.

“How about putting on a shirt?” Marco asked. 

“The men who are young and restless do not wear shirts. I am young. And I am occasionally restless.”


“Yes, Marco?”

“Put on a shirt.”

This level of cheese was just the right amount to make me set down the book so I could laugh my butt off. Moving on.

The premise was interesting enough to keep my attention, and it includes cows and chimpanzees! Take it on this series to put the Animorphs in the strangest situations.

The one thing that really didn’t work for me was the actual conclusion behind this book. The plot essentially becomes meaningless in the end, and as much as I loved the writing and humor of this book, that can’t go unpunished starwise.

That being said, if it wasn’t for that element this would easily be a five star read.

Ultimately, this installment of the Animorphs series is fun, light, and a brief departure from the more serious books. Is it a necessary read? Probably not. Entertaining? You betcha!

That’s a Wrap!

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