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Morning World!

How’s everybody doing?

I gotta tell ya, I’ve had enough of being cooped up inside. I’m making a point to go on several walks today, no matter the cost. I hope you’re finding unique ways to keep yourself sane!

So back to the post at hand. If you know me, you know that every Wednesday I participate in a meme called WWW Wednesday.

This meme is a challenge where you simply share what you’re reading, what you’ve recently finished, and what you hope to read in the near future.


The meme is currently handled by Taking On A World of Words, and anybody can participate.

Simply read the 3 W questions below and answer them should you want to:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:



Nora is a Seer, and the Seers must die.

Exiled from an advanced and secretive scientific society and her memories erased, Nora lives a mundane life with no idea that she’s a rare, genetically enhanced probability expert. When a pair of eccentric strangers show up at her door with wild claims about her past, Nora is skeptical—right up to the point when a pair of futuristic soldiers storm her home with guns drawn, making the warning clear: outside the protection of her society, she’s being hunted.

In a rival society, Annabel is searching for a way to take back her power to rule from her brother. Killing Nora would finally level the battlefield between the societies, giving Annabel everything she’d need to regain her role, but her brother has a plan of his own. Ordering a dangerous, experimental procedure, he hopes to make Annabel a Seer giving him the upper hand in the war. Kept as little more than an asset at his disposal afterward, Annabel can trust no one, not even her old friend Jasper, her brother’s most-trusted adviser. With or without allies, she has a new mission now. She’s going to take her brother down.

With the hunt closing in, Nora is forced to seek the help of a fiery outsider she can’t remember, but he certainly remembers her—and not fondly. Together, they’ll have to fight against the full force of their society, which intends to use them as weapons in their war. Will Nora be able to summon enough of the person she used to be to save herself and her society?

Opinion so far:

Surprise! You thought I’d be reading The Mourner’s Cradle, didn’t you? Nope, changed my mind at the last minute, though I will get to that one soon.

I’ve been putting off reading this one for quite a long time, and I figured enough was enough.

So far this is a good, slow burn for me. I’m just under halfway through, and the action and drama are pretty darn good. I’m not necessarily getting a five-star vibe from this, but there’s still plenty of time for that to change!

Keep your eyes peeled for my review. Hoping to have this done by end of week or maybe early weekend.

Recently Finished:



Parallel plotlines, one told in text and one in art, inform each other as a young girl unravels the mystery of a ghost next door.
Mary is an orphan at the Thornhill Institute for Children at the very moment that it’s closing down for good. But when a bully goes too far, Mary’s revenge will have a lasting effect on the bully, on Mary, and on Thornhill itself.

Years later, Ella moves to a new town where she has a perfect view of the dilapidated, abandoned Thornhill Institute. Determined to befriend the mysterious, evasive girl she sees there, Ella resolves to unravel Thornhill’s history and uncover its secrets.

Ella’s story is told through striking, bold art; Mary’s is told through diary entries. Each informs the other until the two eventually intersect to reveal the truth behind Thornhill’s shadowy past, once and for all. Strikingly told and masterfully illustrated, Pam Smy bends genres and expectations alike.

My Opinion:

This was a total gem of a book. A little bit creepy, a little bit sad, and all the feels easily made this a five star novel.

This was also my second buddy read with Iseult Murphy, and we both felt the same way about this amazing book. Love my buddy reads!

Can’t recommend this one more!

Thornhill Review

Buddy Read Q&A with Iseult Murphy

Next on my TBR:

Opinion so far:

First and foremost, I’m due for a short story and some Animorphs greatness. I’m gonna wing it with my short story choice, but I’m on Animorphs #29. Here’s hoping Cassie is given a great plot line and character progression!

After that I’ll most likely be reading The Mourner’s Cradle by Tommy B. Smith. This one looks like a lot of fun, and I can’t wait!

Lastly, I’ll be finishing up the last of the available books in the Heaven Sent series by Montre Bible. Hope this one’s full of great action and adventure!

Stay classy book friends!

That’s a Wrap!

Okay folks, that’s my WWW Wednesday for this week.

What does your reading pile look like? Have you read any of the books on my list? Do you have any opinions or feedback on the books I chose? Feel free to share in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe or follow my bookish journeys!

Happy Reading Everyone!

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    • Oh nice titles, those sound really scary!

      I’ve been leery of anthologies in the past, but maybe I’ll have to give one a try sometime soon.

      Thanks, you too!

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