Movie Review – Parasite


Movie Blurb:

A poor family, the Kims, con their way into becoming the servants of a rich family, the Parks. But their easy life gets complicated when their deception is threatened with exposure.

My Review:



A wide range of quirky, unique, altruistic, and conniving characters that captured my complete attention.



Like the characters, the plot felt very unique and one of a kind. Couldn’t get enough.



The overall flow felt very cohesive to the plot and what was happening. No boring subplots here!

Overall Impression

Not surprisingly, I watched this movie with my roommate at the recommendation of my friends Stacy and Bryan, and boy did this not disappoint!

Despite not having an abundance of chills and thrills, I absolutely loved this movie. The characters were intriguing and each had their own set of quirks, from both the poor and rich families. You get to see things from each point of view.

The plot was one of a kind and executed perfectly. After each scene I kept wondering how is this going to develop? Are they going to get caught? I kept wanting more, and I loved every plot twist.

There were great moral nuggets placed within this movie, and I was extremely satisfied with my experience. Definitely one I’m going to watch again.

Final Score



That’s it for this movie review. How about you? Have you seen this one?

Did you enjoy it? Love it, hate it? Feel free to comment, and have a great day!

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