Book Review: Animorphs #29, The Sickness

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I kind of forced myself to blaze through another book, so I might take a brief one-day break after this to focus on my Reaper sequel edits. I took a nap earlier instead of editing further like I should have. Sorry, I was tired, but I did get some kitty cuddles in with Ajax (my black cat), so that was well worth it.

This time around I read Animorphs #29, The Sickness.


I honestly didn’t remember a thing about this one, so I just dove in.


The Animorphs’ alien friend Ax is in trouble. He’s come down with a virus called “yamphut”, and it’s making him very sick. The Animorphs discover the virus could be deadly–but they can’t take an “alien” to the hospital. They need to come up with a plan–or lose their friend forever.


The Review:



I gave this book four and a half stars!

This book was surprisingly good compared to the other Cassie books in the series, and I really enjoyed it.

In this installment, everything starts off pretty normal when the Animorphs attend a dance at school, but when Ax starts acting weird, then delirious, they have to haul him out of there.

When they get him to safety, they discover that they have quite the task on their hands. Ax is suffering from an alien sickness, one that is highly contagious to humans. Can the Animorphs save Ax in time, or will they all fall to the sickness and lose their cherished Andalite friend?

A lot of things truly worked in this installment.

For starters, Cassie’s adventure was really great and not as disappointing as usual. She didn’t get stuck with Helmacrons, or investigating some weird crazy horses only to discover an alien toilet. No, this time she had to rise to the occasion and save everyone, and that was everything for me.

Her voice was true to itself despite the fact that this was ghostwritten, and there were a lot of great morally grey areas that she had to traverse. You know, those dark but unavoidable and complicated questions we get from time to time in this series.

The plot was obviously strong. Not only is Ax sick and threatening the others health just by being around him, but there’s another Yeerk sideplot that is equally as harrowing. I kept wondering to myself how everything was going to work out, but somehow it did, and I’m glad.

A life without Ax drooling over cinnamon buns and awkwardly playing with his words in human morph simply isn’t worth living.

There were a few minor inconsistencies that I caught in this novel, but nothing strong enough to really take too much away from my experience.

Full of action and tension, this book was a great addition to the already wonderful series, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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