Movie Review – Girl on the Third Floor (Netflix)


Movie Blurb:

Don Koch tries to renovate a rundown mansion with a sordid history for his growing family, only to learn that the house has other plans.           

My Review:



Somewhat interesting characters that end up falling a bit flat based on personality and judgment calls.



Extremely interesting at first, but by the end I was nonplussed based on the plot holes present.



Flow was alright, but the plot dragged this down with it.

Overall Impression

I wanted to like this movie, really I did. But in the end, it was just okay for me.

I heard about this movie from my friend Priscilla (if I remember correctly), though she did warn me about some of its shortcomings.

I think the movie started off well, with something of a creepy vibe as this tattooed guy (who is quite attractive btw) started fixing up this old house, but as things progressed I just didn’t care for it. I feel like the plot was predictable, and very early on, I called some of the big reveals way down the line.

The main characters’ relationship was extremely flawed, so much that I didn’t really understand how they stayed together. I understand these relationships do exist, but I didn’t really care for it.

In the end, it was watchable, but I can’t necessarily recommend this to anyone if you’re looking for a good watch. Oh well, better luck next time!

Final Score



That’s it for this movie review. How about you? Have you seen this one?

Did you enjoy it? Love it, hate it? Feel free to comment, and have a great day!

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  1. Yep, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. I (mostly) enjoyed the movie, though, despite its flaws. I just had to appreciate it as a low budget film with some fun (gross) scenes and some creepy vibes.

    • Yeah, it was entertaining for what it was, I was just hoping for more.

      Definitely some interesting elements, and who doesn’t love a haunted house vibe?

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