Book Review: Animorphs #29.5, Elfangor’s Secret

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After clocking out for lunch yesterday, my home internet went out and didn’t come back up until 8pm. Talk about a nightmare, especially with year end at my job!

So naturally while I was twiddling my thumbs I blazed the book I was reading in no time.

This time around I read Animorphs #29.5, Elfangor’s Secret (aka Megamorphs #3).


Based on the blurb, I was 99.9% sure I hadn’t read this as a kid, so I was excited for a new story!


The Animorphs are given the power to pursue eighteen-year-old Henry– a human Controller who has discovered Elfangor’s Time Matrix–through time, but one Animorph must pay for this power with his life.


The Review:



I gave this novel four and a half stars!

The basic premise is that Elfangor had hidden an immensely powerful mechanism called the Time Matrix years ago. Visser Four has found this device and is changing history to suit the Yeerks’ needs. Together, the Animorphs must stop him, but in return for Crayak’s assistance in chasing him down, one of them must die.

Can the Animorphs stop Visser Four from tearing history apart? Who will die? Can they prevent that from happening, or will they be down one member forever?

This novel was quite the insane, amazing scifi ride, and I loved every minute of it! 

Naturally, this Megamorphs book was narrated in multiple POVs of our beloved Animorphs, and there were so many great elements going for it.

For starters, the plot was above and beyond stellar. The entire history of humanity is at stake here. What stakes are greater than that? I loved the idea of the Time Matrix, and along our journey we get to see several key points in history, and what happens when the smallest (or largest) of changes occurs. I love the concept of alternate realities, and this really quenched my thirst.

There were ample plot twists that kept the pages turning for me, and I couldn’t get enough. I won’t spoil anything, but there were intense moments a plenty that gave me all the feels. Anger, sadness, excitement, all of it.

This was another book where darker concepts are explored. Death, violence, consequence, the nature of humans. Hell, the nature of the Animorphs when put under such extreme pressure that violence seems the only answer left. There is a lot here that really got me thinking.

And of course, our lovely characters that we’ve come to love were portrayed well here. All of them had pivotal moments in the crisis they were experiencing, and there was even a slight touch of romance too.

If I had to pick at something that nagged me a bit, it was that certain scenes were a bit jarring given the nature of this novel and the Time Matrix, mainly the beginning. I had to re-read the first couple pages a couple times before I forced myself to move on, but I understand what was going on soon after that.

In the end, this installment of the Animorphs series was riveting, action-packed, and heartwrenching. Definitely one of my favorites!

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