Book Review: Animorphs #30, The Reunion

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Having the day to myself, I was able to finish the book I was reading, Animorphs #30, The Reunion by KA Applegate.


This story didn’t really sound all that familiar based on the blurb, so I just dove in!


Marco is faced with a difficult decision when his mother threatens to seize control over Visser One.


The Review:



I gave this novel three and a half stars.

This tends to happen with this series. After a great Megamorphs or great couple of normal installments we’ll get a mediocre Animorphs adventure. This one had the potential to be great, given that Marco’s mother’s life is on the line and other stakes involved, but it just felt a bit hollow to me.

The blurb basically explains things in a nutshell, so I’ll get right into what worked and didn’t work for me.

First off, the characters. At first glance, the characters were great. Marco’s obviously torn in this scenario because his mom is still being controlled by Visser One. He desperately craves her freedom, but even if he did get her free, the Yeerks know who she is and it would still endanger his family and standing as an Animorph. That part I get.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the only side of Marco that we see this entire time, and that’s my problem. He isn’t quite three-dimensional, and neither are the other Animorphs. They mainly switch from annoyance to mistrust of Marco’s actions, and there just doesn’t seem to be enough there for me, especially from characters like Cassie, who kind of just fade into the background. Jake/Rachel were handled pretty well though I will say.

The plot was pretty good, and the stakes were very high. Marco’s mom and others’ lives hang in the balance, and due to Visser One’s issues with Visser Three it seems there may be a way to plot them against each other. I feel that the characters being off threw off the plot and how much I got into it, but that’s just me.

In the end, I was happy with my experience, I just wanted more out of it. We’ve seen so much depth from our beloved Animorphs, and that simply has to be there every time we pick up one of the books.

Despite all my qualms, I still look forward to the next great Animorphs adventure and will cross my fingers that it’s a good one!

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