Animorphs Live-Action Movie in the Works

Good Morning 90’s kids and nostalgia seekers,

Man, have I got the news for you!

At the beginning of the week, I learned that Animorphs is finally getting a live-action movie!

No, this is not the movie poster.

For the average person, they might not be all that thrilled, but to us animal-morphing lovers from the 90’s, this is HUGE!

Animorphs was everything to me in the 90’s and basically started my reading obsession into adulthood. I’m currently re-reading the entire series so I’m even more stoked.

Based on the article I found by EW, the producers of this film want to be true to KA Applegate’s vision. While that’s good to hear, I’m going to wait with baited breath for now. There have been plenty of other book-to-film adaptations that have been total trainwrecks (*cough cough* Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children *cough cough*).

Still, this is a really exciting development, and you better believe I’ll be tracking its progress, so strap in!

As an added bonus in the article referenced above they also announced that Goosebumps will be getting a TV remake! I’m so happy about that news, as I recently tried watching the 90’s version and couldn’t get over how cheesy everything was.

So how about it folks? Are you excited by this news? Cautiously optimistic? Hate it?

Tell me how you feel in the comments, let’s gush about 90’s greatness!


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