Book Review: Animorphs #35, The Proposal

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I hope you’re getting a good start to your week. Mine is starting off pretty slow, and I’m grateful for it.

Early today I finished reading another book, since that’s what my quarantine life is like these days.

This time around I read Animorphs #35, The Proposal by KA Applegate.


I didn’t remember this story at all from when I read the series as a kid, and honestly, I believe that I tapered off from Animorphs in the later books, though that may not be entirely accurate.

Regardless, it had been a little bit since I read some Animorphs and I was ready for more animal-morphing adventures.


The Yeerks are stepping up their invasion tactics. And Marco has problems of his own. His dad is starting to date. But Marco knows his mother might still be alive.


The Review:



I give this novel three and a half stars.

In the last few books, each character seems to be dealing with some personal dilemmas, and this one is no exception.

In this book, Marco’s our main man, and he’s in a lot of hurt. His dad is now dating one of his teachers, and it’s getting serious…ly frustrating. It doesn’t help that his teacher has this annoying dog that always bites as his ankles (I don’t like poodles, so I feel his pain!).

However, Marco has little time to deal when he sees a local celebrity vouching for The Sharing. The Animorphs band together trying to figure out a way to handle the situation, but can they really pull this off, or will this just be another exercise in futility?

This book really had potential to be great, but certain things just didn’t pan out.

Let’s start positive.

I felt that the characters personalities were portrayed pretty well this time. Marco is understandably upset about things, and he’s not the kind to go whining about his personal issues, so he keeps things under wraps until he can’t any longer. Cassie, Jake, and the others felt very authentic too. Cassie is super supportive and reaches out to Marco, Jake being the bestie he is, but with his own breaking point. The characters worked.

Unfortunately where things fell apart were the characters’ decision making skills with the plot. The way they go about stopping this local celebrity didn’t make much sense to me. They did definitely get creative, but it felt borderline ridiculous when they could’ve tried to stop him in other straightforward ways.

Despite that, I did enjoy Marco’s character progression, as I feel it’s important he come to terms with the possibility of his mother’s death, as well as him and his dad moving on with their lives.

At this point, I believe we’ve seen all of our Animal Morphers go through some serious personal struggles lately, so hopefully this phase of the series is coming to an end so we can get some serious plot events going. I’ll be crossing my fingers!


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