Book Review: Animorphs #35.5, Visser

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I wanted to finish my current read before the big day, and I managed to knock another one out. This time I’m reviewing Animorphs 35.5, Visser by KA Applegate.


I don’t think this is one of the books I’ve read when I was a kid, but I was excited at the opportunity to finally have the full story of Marco’s mom and her Yeerk.

I will say, I wish they would’ve used Marco’s mom on the cover instead of Visser Three, as this is primarily about her.

Anyways, on to the review!


In an hour or so, once I was out of sight of land, I would lower my sails and wait for a Bug fighter to come lift me off the deck. The engine backwash of the Bug fighter would capsize the boat. Or I might put the Taxxon pilot to the test and see if he could ram the low-slung boat. That would puzzle the humans.

Either way, my body would never be found…

My time of lying low was over…

I would spearhead the invasion of Earth. I would take charge of our greatest conquest. I would stand alone atop the Yeerk military hierarchy.

I was to become Visser One.


The Review:



I gave this novel four and a half stars!

In this installment of the Animorphs series, we are in Visser One’s POV. Crazy, right?

She’s on trial by the Council of Thirteen for her supposed crimes over the years, and Visser Three is there to sneer and demand her execution. But Visser One has extensive knowledge of his failings over the years as well and isn’t about to go down without a fight.

Can she convince the Council to see things her way without exposing her lapses in judgment, or is her fate already sealed?

I have to say, I was surprised by how good this was. Lately I’ve been kind of disappointed with the series, and this really raised my spirits back up.

At first thought, having Visser One as the MC seems strange, but it really worked for me. For starters, it’s not just Visser One but Marco’s mom, and I enjoyed the duality there. Clearly Marco’s mom hates Visser One for stealing her life, but her wellbeing is tied to Visser One’s, so she has to make hard decisions as to whether or not she should help the Visser.

The Visser’s origin story was interesting. She is the first Yeerk to control a human, and her adventure into the realm of humanity was intriguing and felt fresh. I enjoyed the journey and the depth that was given to her character. Duty, love, and loss were all explored from a new perspective.

The plot was simple and executed well. The Visser is on trial and forced to recall her interactions on Earth. While there wasn’t a ton of action, the story more than made up for that, and I really blazed through this one because of that. We also got some information without this book that excited me and has me hoping that this series begins to ramp up towards a stellar end.

Overall, this was a great continuation of the series, and I can’t wait to read what happens next!


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