Conscience enters Alpha & Beta Phase

Hello World,

Today I’m happy to announce a milestone for my scifi short story Conscience. It’s currently in Alpha & Beta phase, hooray!

A little bit of backstory, I originally wrote Conscience some years ago as part of a writing contest on Scribophile. I didn’t win the contest (boohoo!), but the writing prompt really inspired me. A couple months ago I was looking over some of my old works and when I reread it, that inspiration came right back to me.

Back when I first wrote Conscience I was still finding my writing style, so now that I’ve sort of plateaued in that area I wanted to breath new life into the story and make it something great. I’ve spent the past month and a half going through my story and rehashing everything. Ultimately I rewrote like 99% of it, drastically improving things, and I’m really happy with how everything looks.

So back to the alpha and beta phase.

I’ve gone over my short story enough on my own that I’m sending it over to a test audience over two rounds.

Right now I’m wrapping up the last of the changes for my Alpha phase, which went very quickly after I released it on Wednesday. I have had a lot of great input so far, and there will be even more coming.

I will be starting my Beta phase sometime this week, and there are about twice as many readers as the Alpha phase, so I’m definitely bracing myself for impact, haha!

My good friend Bryan is working on the cover right now, and from what I’ve seen it’s going to be epic, so stay tuned for that special reveal!

I’m still hoping to release my work sometime in August if at all possible, and I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Thanks for tuning in!



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    • Yeah, if I do manage an August release date it will probably be the end of the month.

      Me too! I’m still going back and forth with the artist. We’re playing with two concepts and trying to determine which one is better and more impactful.

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