Book Review: Animorphs #36, The Mutation

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I wasn’t really expecting to finish another book so quickly, but last night I ended up reading pretty late due to how close I was to the end (I mean, how could I not finish?), so here we are!

This time around I’m reviewing Animorphs #36, The Mutation by KA Applegate.


I don’t really recall this one from my childhood, but I’m not surprised. There must’ve been a point where I stopped reading the series about halfway through or something.

Meh, anyways, on to the review!



Morphing into killer whales, the Animorphs discover a whole new world where humans with gills exist in the deep waters below.



The Review:



I gave this book two and a half stars.

I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with this one.

Overall, the past few books haven’t been all that great, and I’m really hoping that it gets better soon. Even if these were ghostwritten, it’s not an excuse for poorly executed books.¬†Anyways.

This time we are in Jake’s POV. Cassie calls him late one night and he rushes over to see what the problem is. Turns out, Visser Three did experiments on Hork Bajir to give them gills in hopes of finding the Pemalite ship. While that failed, the Animorphs are determined to stop Visser Three’s plans by any means necessary, which could mean a whole lot more trouble than they could possibly imagine.

I think the biggest issue for me with this book was the characters. It’s clear this was ghostwritten, and the characters aren’t portrayed correctly. Rachel was kind of nice to Marco (what the heck?), Cassie wanted cold-blooded revenge (what the heck heck?), Marco knew WAY too much about ships (that’s three hecks now), and Jake made some seriously faulty decisions that a seasoned leader (even a young seasoned leader) wouldn’t make.

I did like the premise. Visser Three looking for the Pemalite ship again is very bad news for the Animorphs, but this feels very been there, done that. Why beat a dead horse?

The focal point of the story felt very underwhelming. The underwater race didn’t really wow me, and though the take was creative, I just didn’t enjoy it all that much. It just felt like a filler installment in the series, and if things aren’t progressing at this point, why are readers wasting their time reading this one?

In the end, I can’t really recommend this one. If you happen to be reading the series, maybe you should just skip this one. Nothing of real consequence happens in my opinion. Despite all that, I’m in it for the long haul, so here’s hoping the next book isn’t as cringeworthy.


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