Book Review: Animorphs #38, The Arrival

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Before I went back to my library rentals I wanted to reach another Animorphs book. This time around it was #38, The Arrival.


This story sounded familiar from the blurb, but I couldn’t be sure I’d read it before. Regardless, I jumped right in!



Ax’s people have arrived on Earth, and they want Ax back on board with them. Ax is torn. Should he join his fellow Andalites? Can he desert the Animorphs?


The Review:



I gave this novel four stars!

Though this book wasn’t perfect, I did enjoy the journey greatly.

Ax always has a great POV in my opinion. He shakes up human phrases and makes comical references that stick with you. Either that or he goes crazy over some cinnamon buns, bun-zah.

As the blurb suggests, we get to see some Andalites on Earth finally, yay! Understandably, Ax is torn. Jake is his prince, but should he go back on his oath and join his brethren?

I did have some mixed opinions throughout this book. There are some great things and some not so great things.

I think that overall, the general plot and concept of this book was great. Some Andalites have touched down on Earth, and I wanted to know everything that was going on. That really kept those pages turning. Like usual, nothing is as it seems, and that element of mystery was also really great.

Ax’s POV was solid, with plenty of funny food references within. I enjoyed him interacting with the other Andalites and creating a bond.

On the other hand, I felt that the other Animorphs weren’t portrayed consistently. There’s a turning point in the plot (must … remain … spoiler … free!) that occurs that didn’t completely make sense, and the resolution seems to have happened behind the scenes without any explanation to Ax. I really would’ve liked to see what had happened to change things, but before and after this portion of the book, I will say that the characters were consistent.

Also, is it just me or was the beginning kind of clunky? It got better when things picked up but those first few pages weren’t very great to me.

All this being said, I did have fun on this little Animorphs journey, and I’m looking forward to more!


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