Book Review: Animorphs #40, The Other

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My vacation starts today, but I won’t head out to my treehouse AirBnb for my writer’s retreat til mid afternoon, so naturally, I did some light reading. After this I won’t be reading too terribly much since I need to concentrate on writing.

This time I read Animorphs #40, The Other by K.A. Applegate.

I can’t say that I’ve read this book before based on the blurb, but I was excited that this book was about more Andalites on Earth.


Ax and the Animorphs find new hope when they learn that he is not the only non-infected Andalite on Earth.


The Review:

I gave this novel four stars!

This time around we are in Marco’s POV. He’s just lounging around watching Unsolved Mysteries (major kudos there already) when lo and behold, one of the stories is about a strange blue blur. Naturally Marco totally freaks, but the thing is, it’s not Ax. Are there more Andalites on Earth? Why are they here? Can Marco and the others figure it out before exposure rears its ugly head once again?

I really enjoyed this installment of the Animorphs series.

The characters more or less stayed true to themselves. As always Marco’s humor came through, but we also get a little bit of extra depth as well. All the other Animorphs were well portrayed, and I enjoyed getting to know Gafinilan as well.

The plot was what really got me. For starters, this book tackles the social issue of differently-abledness. I think it was important to address, and as an added bonus we get more information about the Andalites and their culture. Were the stakes high? Eh, I’ve seen them higher, but the journey was fun and I had to know the mystery behind Gafinilan. I kept second guessing myself throughout and was surprised at the reveal.

Like I said before, this book’s stakes could’ve been higher, and I really want to start seeing the ante upped a bit since we are nearing the end of the series. But overall this was a solid read that was a ton of fun.

Definitely worth a read!


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