Book Review: Animorphs #47, The Resistance

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We all knew this day was coming. The dreaded Sunday before going back to work. I hope you had a great extended holiday with plenty of time to relax and unwind. I’ve been doing plenty of reading on this little holiday break, and I finished another Animorphs book! I will start and finish one more before going back to my other scheduled readings starting in December.

This time I read Animorphs #47, The Resistance.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. A beaver?! A beaver, that’s what they’re going to morph for a resistance? Believe me, I get it. It didn’t make sense to me either until I read this one through. Keep scrolling for the review!



The Animorphs and Ax have to make the most important decision they’ve ever had to make: Do they continue to fight the Yeerks in secret, or is it time to let everyone know there is a resistance? That the Animorphs exist. And that Earth does stand a small chance against the invasion.

Jake knows that either choice is a major one. Not one that some kid should be responsible for. But he’s getting tired of the pressure. So, even though he realizes the other Animorphs need him to be strong, he doesn’t feel that way. In fact, he feels just the opposite. And Jake knows if he starts to lose it the Animorphs are done…


The Review:

I gave this book four stars!

Man, things are seriously continuing to amp up since #45, and I’m loving all of these crazy adventures.

This time around we’re in Jake’s POV. He’s just received some seriously terrible news that threatens the Free Hork-Bajir colony, and they have to decide whether to evacuate or fight. At the same time, the Animorphs are wrestling with the idea of exposure in an effort to get the word out about the Yeerks and hopefully increase their numbers. It’s a very trying time full of tension, and I loved every minute of it.

Jake was portrayed extremely well. Half of the narrative is from his great (not sure how many greats) uncle’s journal entries from the civil war with the other half Jake, and there was a great parallel that connected the two narratives. Being a leader is tough enough, but now the choices they are making are even more insane. Jake made some big decisions in this book, and I believe he rose to the occasion. Brownie points for great leadership.

The others were portrayed really well, especially Marco’s little jokes. Him batting his eyelashes at Ax and saying how much he loves when he talks all smart like made me laugh out loud.

The plot was great. Naturally, I love the Free Hork-Bajir colony, so I was invested in their survival and had to know what happened. I will say that Jake’s narrative was more entertaining than his great uncle’s but the importance of both narratives was there. The stakes are super high, especially with the Animorphs questioning just how far they should go to rally their numbers. I love that they’re finally asking these big questions that matter, but maybe they should’ve asked these question earlier? Just an observation.

The writing was superb. I pretty much read this in one go because I was hooked from page one.

I did have to take off a star for inconsistencies present in this novel, but if it wasn’t for that this would definitely be a five star read.

This was a great continuation of the series and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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