Book Review: Animorphs #46, The Deception

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I’m making great progress on my Reaper: Aftermath edits and ended a bit early yesterday. You know what that means … reading time!

Until 12/1 I’m only reading Animorphs books, so here’s hoping I can get at least one or two more in before the weekend ends.

This time I read Animorphs #46, The Deception.

I did not recall the events of this book since I stopped as a kid in maybe the 30’s, so I just dove right in. Let’s get this review started!



The Animorphs and Ax have managed to contact the Andalite home world. But the battle is far from over. Visser Two has arrived on earth, and he’s not happy about the state of things. He decides the best way to take over Earth is to have the humans destroy the people and the land the Yeerk’s don’t need. He decides to start World War III.

Ax and his friends know that Visser Two means business and there will probably only be two ways to keep him from destroying everything they know: Find a way to stop the war. Or, find away to stop him …forever..


The Review:

I gave this book four stars.

This book takes place just seconds after where #45 stopped. The Animorphs have contacted the Andalites, and they need their help in the increasingly bad situation on Earth. Before they can get too cozy, the Yeerks track their location and make them run for the hills, but that’s the least of their problems. Thanks to their new Z-Space technology, they learn that there’s been a shift of power in the Yeerk ladder, favoring a more hostile takeover of Earth. When Ax learns of a new mission that will almost ensure an easy Yeerk takeover, he and the Animorphs assemble once again and try to thwart this threat. Can they pull this one off, or are they finally beat?

Man oh man, these books are getting really good! I have very few complaints with this book and loved the experience. Crap is getting real on Earth, and things are hanging by a thread.

This time we followed around in Ax’s POV. I think that his voice has matured quite a bit over the series, and it was shown well here. The situation he and the Animorphs are in is a nearly impossible one, and I genuinely believed he did all he could to help and went quite a bit further than the others did. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was progression, but a worsening of things that warranted challenging the limitations of what he is willing to do to stop the Yeerks. There may be some serious sacrifices to be made.

I think the others were portrayed well, especially with the changing climate of the Yeerk invasion. Again, their altruistic ways could only get them so far, and now that things are getting progressively worse the Animorphs have to make some seriously hard decisions as a group if they want to stop the invasion.

The plot was great. This plot could easily have escalated into a global conflict, so the stakes are insanely high, and I blazed through this book in one go because of how nonstop the action and intrigue was.

The one thing that irked me was the jargon of all the different jets, boats, and weaponry that the army possessed. It was hard to read through as an adult, so I can only imagine how confused kids around the world were when they read these parts.

But in the end, this was a memorable installment of the series that really hit hard. Gone are the days of everyone learning a heartfelt lesson and going home none the wiser. This is war, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Sacrifices will have to be made soon, and there will be blood.

Can’t wait for the next one!


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