Book Review: Domna, Part Three: The Centaur’s Gamble

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Staying the course on my current reading journey I am continuing the Domna series by Tammie Painter with book three, The Centaur’s Gamble.

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After barely surviving his previous appointment, Sirius claims being forgotten may be the safest place in the violent turbulence of Osterian politics. But Sofia’s ambitions remain steadfast and she refuses to accept the gods have destined her to waste away in obscurity.

Just as Sirius settles into the peace of a rural life, an old friend offers him the chance to inherit the title of Solon if he’s willing to fight for it. Will Sirius take the chance, or will he opt to stay safe? More importantly, will Sofia let him have a choice in the matter?



The Review:

I gave this book four stars.

Sofia Domna starts this book between a rock and a hard place. Her efforts to propel her husband Sirius to the highest position of Solon have failed, and they spend their days living a humble existence on a farm he owns. But when a series of political upheavals occur, a glimmer of hope emerges. Could this be the chance Sofia and Sirius have been waiting for, or should they just quit while they’re ahead?

This was a strong continuation of this series.

The characters, like before, were intriguing. Sofia continues to showcase her ability to adapt to her ever-changing life in this book. I swear, this woman is going to have like ten different lives by the time her struggle is over! Her penchant for strategy is tested as events unfold, and she puts her knowledge and resolve to the test. I wouldn’t say she had a ton of character progression, but she does change in more subtle ways, ways that could affect her supposed future relationship with Papinias.

Of course I still loathe Plautinius (he’s so easy to hate, little rat!) and am starting to believe that simple men like Sirius would never become anything without great women like Sofia behind them to gear them in the right direction.

The plot was pretty crazy! The theme of this book is definitely political upheavals, and each one was shocking. With each instance, Sofia, Sirius, and her allies have to scramble to adjust, and it’s quite the rollercoaster. I did wish that Sofia was more directly involved in these crises instead of trying to move her chess pieces from a distance, but that’s just my opinion.

Overall a good continuation to the series, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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