Book Review: Domna, Part Five: The Forgotten Heir

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I hope you had a nice long holiday weekend and are ready to jump right into 2021. I am as I make my last go through of Reaper: Aftermath before publication, but more on that in another post.

Today I’m stopping by with another book review. Continuing my binge of the Domna series by Tammie Painter, I read Part Five, The Forgotten Heir.

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When the Solon ignores an imminent threat, one woman will go to any extreme to save him, protect her son, and ensure the stability of their realm.

Sirius Verus believes his rule is secure, but when a plot is discovered to overthrow him, he refuses to accept that the person he trusts most is behind it. With an enemy army ready to march on the capital, Sirius’s days as Solon and his family’s lives are numbered.

Unwilling to let the threat fester, Sofia and Lucius take matters into their own hands, but this vicious retribution leaves Sirius fearful of making Lucius heir.

From the comfort of the Solonian Palace to the wilds of the Island of Naimo, Part Five of the Domna serial tests the limits of sibling rivalry, family loyalty, and the future of Osteria.


The Review:

I gave this book four stars.

Continuing from the madness that was book four, The Forgotten Heir begins with an increasingly impossible situation. Still grieving the loss of a dear friend, Sofia soon discovers even more plots against her and her family. Can she eradicate the threats facing her, or will her family’s reign finally come to an end?

This is probably my second favorite book of the series so far despite my rating.

Sofia is yet again in the center of a horrible situation, and she’s finally starting to hit her breaking point. It was nice to see her finally crumble a bit at the insane situation she’s constantly finding herself in. I think she had to go through this period to grow as a ruler and person, and in the end it paid off, at least in my opinion. Lucius is a close second as far as favorites go. He shows great promise, virtue, and I think he’ll be a much better Solon than Sirius.

Speaking of the devil, Sirius kind of got on my nerves this time. As established in the prior novels, he lacks a lot in the brain power category, but some of his reactions and orders simply didn’t make enough sense to me to achieve full believability. I think if he would’ve had at least a minimum level of common sense it would’ve made things a little better. He kind of falls into old habits without any evidence to back it up, and it felt a bit too repetitive for me. Please make Lucius Solon soon, Painter!

The plot was really great. There’s several acts in this book, and I enjoyed each one of them. The first part focuses more on the plots against Sofia and Lucius, then expands further as they head to neighboring lands in hopes of them joining Osteria. All of it was engaging, and I couldn’t get enough. We also get a smidgen more mythological stories/references in here, and I loved every second of that.

Overall, this was quite the entertaining adventure for Sofia, and I can’t wait to read what I expect will be a stellar end to this fun series.

Definitely worth a read!


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  1. Hey, I can’t control Sirius’s stupidity…you know how these characters take on a life of their own. haha. I think I was hoping to show how Sirius just doesn’t learn until it’s too late, but thanks for pointing out the repetition was too much…something to keep in mind for future writing : )

    • Lol, boy do I know what you mean!

      Very welcome. Overall, this is a really strong series and I’ve loved every minute of it. 🙂 Hoping to wrap up book six tomorrow or Saturday (Reaper killed me today lol)

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