Happy Release Day! The Called by M.D. Neu

Hey Bookworms,

Today I’m spreading the word on not just one, but two new releases. Yay!

First up is The Called by M.D. Neu, the sequel to The Calling.


M.D. Neu is one of my scribe tribe, and I’ve read nearly everything of his to date and loved it. I wasn’t able to read this one in time for his release, but it’s very high up on my list and I’m excited to continue the adventure after having read The Calling.

Please consider checking out the links below and supporting this talented indie author, and enjoy your reading journey!



The world is changing quickly for Chris now that he’s part of the Immortal Community. With the events of his past finally behind him, he’s still having visions and true magic is gradually taking hold in the world. Chris is still new and has no real standing in the Immortal Community, but he is learning that nothing is what he thought.

Old enemies must work together and longtime friends may not be trustworthy. With Juliet, Amanda, and Kirtus by his side, they have to prevent the immortal and witch community from being exposed.

New friendships are made, and longtime alliances are called into question. How will The Called defeat these latest threats, and what does it mean for the world?



The Calling (Book One) – Amazon

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