Book Review: Amazon Ads Unleashed

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Anyways, today I’m sharing another book review.

I recently finished Amazon Ads Unleashed by Robert J. Ryan.

After finishing How to Market a Book I had a good foundation of knowledge, but I wanted to take it further so I could run a successful ad campaign on Amazon. I recently ended my first campaign because it was a failure, but I’m not too hurt about it. I simply didn’t know enough about the mechanics of Amazon.

So how did this book stack up? Keep on scrolling!



Do you sell as many books as you want to?

Amazon ads revolutionized publishing. But how do you get them to work?

Have you bought books that promised answers, or paid hundreds of dollars for courses, yet still struggle to profit? Do you belong to a secret Facebook group . . . but fear you’re being ripped off?

Amazon ads are hard to master. But if you do, they’ll reward you. They tap into an audience hungry for books, and willing to pay full price.

The ads follow a standard pay per click advertising model. Marketers have had two decades to figure out how that model works. There’s a skillset for the job.

This book explains it.

If you’re tired of rumors, guesses and secret strategies, this book shows you:

How to tap into a buying audience The neuroscience behind clicks that don’t convert (and how to get more that do) The tactics of expert optimization Ad types to avoid (and why) Why scaling is so hard

This book gives you the knowledge to advertise at profit. It’ll surprise you, and bust the myths holding you back.

You’ll never look at advertising the same way again. Are you ready to unleash your Amazon ads?



***Brief disclosure***

I am an Amazon affiliate and earn a tiny commission for purchases made through the Amazon links in this post. It’s a great way to help me keep things running on my blog if you’re already intrigued enough to make a purchase. 


The Review:

Amazon ads may seem easy on the surface, but if you’ve had your first go at it, you’ve probably discovered just how confusing it can be like I did.

I picked this book up after reading a slightly more elementary marketing book for a solid foundation. Man, am I glad I did!

So like the blurb says, this is a book about marketing, specifically Amazon Ads. Inside it is valuable knowledge and strategies you can employ to help make your ad campaign a success regardless of where you’re at in your career.

First and foremost, this book was really useful to help me analyze what went wrong with my first Amazon ad. The author provides many cases where certain criteria may be emphasized and others ignored, which can cause an ad to fail. Personally, my impressions were great, but no one was clicking or converting. I found the answers in this book, and a heck of a lot more than that.

There are many elements that make up an Amazon ad. Your sales rank, CTR, CVR, bids, CPC, the list could go on and does. Ryan takes the reader through each element in different views to help explain why they matter, and to help educate on potential misconceptions you may have.

With the plethora of terms and information to go over, it may get exhausting here and there. You may want to throw the book at the wall a couple of times. I kept asking myself why’s it got to be so complicated (cue Avril Lavigne music), but it’s the nature of marketing these days and something you’ll have to come to terms with.

I’m glad I bought a physical copy of this book so I could highlight and mark sections (haven’t quite done the latter yet, but it’s on my to-do list!) for future reference.

I’m definitely going to be using this book again as I continue my journey with ad campaigns with Amazon, and with the knowledge I’ve gained, I know that in time I can get to a good place with my marketing. Definitely worth a read if you want to up your game on Amazon!


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  1. Great review, Jonny. I’ll be checking this out for sure. I did Bryan Cohen’s Amazon ad challenge, and while I did sell with my ads, I was still making a loss. I’d be interested to see if this book can help me improve that.

    • Very welcome! Yeah, Amazon Ads are very fickle, but seem a bit more approachable after this read. I’m currently working on an ASIN-based approach to targeting. It’s moving a lot slower but it feels more hyper-focused on my niche, so there’s that.

      Oh btw, I’ve been seeing some ads for your books when my Kindle is dormant, just so you know! They’re getting out there! 🙂

      • Thank you! I just landed a bookbub deal for Catling’s Bane and am super excited to see how that goes. My fingers are crossed for a bit of a ripple effect. I’m just back to blogging today after a break and I’m still catching up. I’ll post about that experience after it’s done. 🙂

      • Oh, very cool! I havent tried ads with them just yet, but I hear it’s relatively simple. Crossing my fingers for you as well!

        I hear ya there. I’m trying not to overly blog and taking more time between books for writing.

        Eager to see your post!

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