Short Story Review: Beast

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How are you doing? I’m basically counting down the days to my birthday celebration, which will start on Friday. Yep, I’m finally using that hard-earned PTO!

Anywho, this post is all about a short story I just read by Nick Clausen entitled Beast.


Beast, I say!

Yes, Alyssa, beast!

Okay, enough of that (I couldn’t help myself!). I read this short story as a freebie for being a subscriber to Nick Clausen’s mailing list. You can read it free too! If you’d like to sign up, just go here.

I also had the pleasure of getting to know Nick a bit better in my interview with him here.

Alright, enough talk, on to the review!



Connor lives with his best friend, a giant wolfdog named Hunter, who’s unusually intelligent and very protective of Connor. When random people begin to die, everyone in town suspects Hunter.

And as bloody traces lead back to Hunter, it draws the attention of the police. Soon Connor faces losing his best friend. But will Hunter let that happen?


The Review

After reading The Girl Who Wasn’t There, I was a little nervous about reading more of Clausen’s work. I mean, lightning doesn’t always strike twice. Well, apparently it does, because this short story was a huge hit in my book!

This short story centers around young Connor and his dog Hunter. His town’s in an uproar about some recent murders, and when the clues seem to indicate Hunter, Connor tries his best to protect his canine friend.

This story was awesome from start to finish.

Connor was a great main character, and you really felt for him and his plight. Most people in town are kinda crappy to him, and his dog’s always there for him. I also loved that Connor was brave and not scared to tell people what he thought of them for the most part. I wish I had that courage when I was younger!

I also thought Hunter and Connor’s mom were really fleshed out well for a short story.

The plot was just as great as the characters. It’s a light mystery, so I had my ideas about what was really going on, but they were all wrong! The stakes were super high, as Connor will do pretty much anything to protect Hunter, and that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Overall, this was a fantastic short story, and I can’t wait to read more by Clausen!


That’s A Wrap!

Well that’s it for this short story review. I hope you enjoyed it!

Have you read this story? Are there other short stories you’ve read that you simply have to gush about? Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to start a conversation!

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    • Thanks Priscilla! Hunter really was integral to everything going on in the story, and though I’m more of a cat guy, I really wanted to hug that big doggy for all the things she and Connor went through.

    • Thanks, it really is a great story. Like Travis Liebert, Clausen is becoming a favorite of mine. I already have two more of his books on my Kindle that I’ll have to burn through soon. Oh, the anticipation!

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