Writing Milestone: First Act of The Ruins Complete!

Hey Everybody,

Just stopping by really quick to announce that I just finished writing the first act of The Ruins, my LGBT horror WIP!

I’m still writing my first draft, but I was able to write 15k words in just two weeks. I’m super proud of myself for making such huge progress in such a small amount of time.

I’m going to take the next couple of weeks to work on the plotting of the second act before beginning the writing process again (no going back to the first act until I get through the first draft!). I’m hoping to replicate what I did for the first act to get similar results (this thing I call half-writing actually worked extremely well).
Fingers crossed everything moves smoothly, and thanks for tuning in!


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    • Thank you friend! I’m surprised by how fast things are moving, but am definitely not questioning a thing. Yep, back to burning that midnight oil! 🙂

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