New Book Release: Lavender Raine and the Field of Screams (Lavender Raine #2) by Jessica Renwick




The last thing thirteen-year-old Lavender wants to see is another ghost, which is why she’s ignoring the shadow lurking around her house. But when her classmates tease her best friend, Rosie, for believing in the paranormal, Rosie decides to prove the ghost story about their local corn maze is real.

Lavender thinks the spooky tale about the farm is fake. But when they enter the maze, weird things begin to happen. Broken flashlights, witchy laughter, that strange swishing noise in the corn—it’s all in their imaginations, right? After getting lost in the dark field, a terrifying presence appears on the trail. Something sinister is stalking them, and it’s up to the girls to figure out why.

With some unexpected help, can Lavender and Rosie escape from the Field of Screams?



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