Book Review: The Midnight Ripper (The Vampires of Crimson Cove #4)


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How the heck are ya? Read any good books lately? My grad school semester is rounding up, and I’m having an easy glide to my freedom in several days. I can’t wait to have more time to write, read, and enjoy the summer! Speaking of enjoyment, I am departing on a vacation late this week, so I will be on a brief haitus until next Tuesday. Alright, back to the book review!

I’ve been binging The Vampires of Crimson Cove series by Alistair Cross, and today I’m reviewing the latest installment, The Midnight Ripper.

I love vampires, and this series has been such a lot of fun for me, so I dove right into this tasty bookish snack, eager to continue the adventure. Did it measure up to the other books I loved? Keep on reading to find out!


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Michael Ward, a vampire once dedicated to peace and harmony, lost his humanity when he gave into love — and other primal desires. Now he rages and murders indiscriminately. . . and he’s on the run.

Cade Colter, along with renowned monster hunter, Father Vincent Scarlotti, is hot on his bloody trail, and as Michael litters the Santa Cruz Boardwalk with the ravaged bodies of his victims, Cade must keep his own demons at bay if he has any hope of stopping him . . . and living to tell about it.



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The Review

Though this wasn’t my favorite installment of my binge read of this series, it was solid vampire fun.

Continuing from the last book, Cade and Father Vincent are in Santa Cruz trying to track down a rogue Michael Ward. Father Vincent continues to train Cade as he makes nightly rounds alone, but Cade soon becomes embroiled in the race against time as body counts rise and the task at hand proves more difficult and attracts unwanted attention from other dangerous forces. Can Cade and Father Vincent find Michael in time to rehabilitate him, or are they already too late?

As I’ve come to expect, there were a lot of great developments in this novel. Cade is finally starting to resolve his issues around Samantha’s death with this quest, and I liked the constant tension between him and Father Vincent. Things are going in a really exciting direction!

I also really enjoyed the developments with Chester and Scythe, Sheila and Ethan, and Brooks. I feel that all of their hardships will definitely prove to be bigger plot points in future books, so I’m excited to see those come to fruition.

The reason I took some starage off of this rating was that this book was a bit more of a slow burn than the others. I wanted a bit more high octane action throughout, but don’t get me wrong, this book was great! There’s tons of mystery throughout on different plot points to keep you going, and chilling developments that ensure the next book is going to be quite a doozy.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable vampire series, look no further! I can’t wait to continue this adventure once the next book comes out!


That’s A Wrap!

Well that’s it for this book review. I hope you enjoyed it!

Have you read this book? Are there other similar books you’ve read that you simply have to gush about? Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to start a conversation!

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