Mid Summer Book Haul

Hello all you beautiful bookworms!

I normally try to resist the temptation to buy books in order to save myself from bankruptcy, but lately there have been some purchases, enough to warrant a quick post.

You see, it’s all my boyfriend’s fault! Haha, just kidding, but the book buying began when the boyfriend and I started going to thrift stores together, something I’ve always loved. I typically look out for puzzles to bring to work, but recently there have been some great picks that I couldn’t just resist, as well as some new purchases of books I loved.

Check it out!

Yikes, that’s quite the mountain of books, huh?


The Replica Series by Marilyn Kaye (1st 5 books)- This is a series from the 90’s that I’m super addicted to!


The Kiesha’ra series by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes – I read this series back in high school and when I saw it I totally freaked out and bought them all!


The Wynd series by James Tynion IV – I adore this series! Definitely worth a buy.


Same with this one. Great series!


And last but not least…


That’s a Wrap!

How about you, readers? What books have you bought lately? Share in the comments, and have a wonderful day!


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