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How are things in your neck of the woods? I’m still counting down the days before grad school semester starts and my move in. Can I just get both over with right now? When I’m stressed like this, I usually hit the books even harder. Speaking of which, it’s graphic novel review time!

This time I read House of X/Powers of X by Jonathan Hickman

Honestly, I wasn’t even considering taking a break from my binge of the Replica series, but the shipping gods threw me a curveball and the next couple books got lost despite an update saying they are in Kansas City. I went looking through my wish list for a quick read and found out that this is available on KU. How fortunate for me!

Having grown up with X-Men, I dove right in like any 90’s comic book kid would. On with the review!



Mutants are the future, and the future begins now! Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (INFINITY, SECRET WARS) takes the reigns of the X-Men universe with artists Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva to change the way you look at every X-Men story. HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X intertwine to reveal the secret past, present, future, and far future of Mutantkind! It all starts when Charles Xavier reveals his new masterplan for Mutantkind, one that will bring mutants out of the shadow of humanity and into the light.

COLLECTING: House of X 1-6, Powers of X 1-6



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The Review

Although I had some conflicting feelings about this graphic novel, I still had a great time overall.

This work is a reimagining of the X-Men story. Spread across four timelines, Moira fights to ensure a better future for all mutantkind. But as she soon learns, one tiny mistake can have devastating consequences. Can she persevere against the many threats against her kind, or is extinction unavoidable?

From the first few pages of this graphic novel, I was completely drawn in. The artwork is amazing and expertly done, something I’ve come to expect from X-Men and Marvel comics. Periodically I would stop myself from turning the page just to enjoy the art for a moment.

Another thing I really loved was the dark and ominous undertone throughout each comic. This was apparent from the very beginning and didn’t let up for one second. The stakes have never been higher. We’re not just talking about the X-Men here, but all of mutantkind’s existence.

If you love the X-Men characters, then you’re not going to be disappointed in their portrayal. Moira, Xavier, and Magneto take the front seat for most of the novel, and it’s nice to see that since usually they’re in the background. I particularly found the rethinking of Xavier to be really great.

The only place I really took issue was with the timelines. So we’ve got four: one for the recent past, one for the present, one a hundred years ahead, and one a thousand years ahead. I loved the past and present timelines because they were so easy to relate to, but the other two were a bit hard to understand. There were a lot of different alien races and politics that I wasn’t privy to, and it got confusing.

That being said, there was nonstop action in each comic, and I had all the feels. Get ready to have your mutant-loving heart stomped on. Well worth the read!


That’s A Wrap!

Well that’s it for this book review. I hope you enjoyed it!

Have you read this book? Are there other similar books you’ve read that you simply have to gush about? Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to start a conversation!

Have a great day!


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