Series Recommendation: Chambers (Netflix)

Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited to share my first television recommendation with you! I love my books, but movies and tv series deserve just as much attention, especially when they’re as good as today’s recommendation Chambers.


This series is a Netflix original. I know, I know. They can be very hit or miss with their programming. But after finishing Chambers’ first season, I am hooked!

Chambers centers around the life of Sasha, who suffers a heart attack of sorts when she decides to give her virginity away to her boyfriend TJ. When she comes to, she is told that she received a heart transplant from a donor who died around the same time she had her heart attack. Weird, right?

Well that’s not even the half of it. Shortly after Sasha recovers, she is introduced to the family of the girl who gave her heart to her. They’re nice, actually maybe a little too nice. They’re very accommodating and want to support Sasha however they can. They even offer her a scholarship at a school far away from her home.

Unsure what to do, Sasha’s predicament gets even more complicated when she starts experiencing strange symptoms. Visions, muscle memories that aren’t hers, bizarre impulses. These are just the beginning of the terrifying journey that awaits Sasha.

Can she figure out what’s happening to her, or will she lose her mind in the process?

I loved this series! Not only is the main actress Sivan Alyra Rose (Sasha) extremely talented, but Uma Thurman plays a vital role in this tragic story as well. Yes, UMA THURMAN people. When I first saw her on the screen I about lost it. She plays the heart donor’s mother, and is understandably a hot mess.


Also, who can deny that Sasha’s boyfriend is eye candy? No one!


But seriously folks, this series has a great cast of interesting, well-developed characters that work greatly for the plot. This series is a psychological thriller with great bits of chills, horror, and terrifying revelations. I was about five episodes in and thought I knew what was going on and then WHAM! Huge plot twist!

I don’t want to ruin anything, but I’ll be honest, the conclusion to this season shook me to the core. If you’ve got some spare time on your hands, definitely give this series a try. You won’t regret it!

Happy Watching!

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