Book Break: Writing Progress (Camp Nano)

Good Morning Bookworms,

I took a book break after finishing The Waking Forest from yesterday into today. It’s a little tough to gauge my progress but I’ll certainly do my best.

Now before I get into my book break, a brief interesting tidbit. After posting my review on The Waking Forest, the author reached out to me! She thanked me for pointing out what I did and didn’t take it personally. I have to say, I am super grateful to get to talk to her directly, and it was really cool that she took my constructive criticisms in a positive light.

All right, let’s get into my writing progress, which ties into Camp Nano.


My Camp Nano goal is measured in hours worked rather than words or pages written. I mainly did it this way because I am not currently writing the second act of my sequel to Reaper , but plotting it out as well as polishing the first act.

Yesterday I mainly focused on plotting out the second act. I’ve got Chapters 9, 10, and 11 roughly plotted out so far, but I have a lot of world building to do again, so the research involved has slowed me down a bit. That being said, it has to get done, and I’m making good progress. I’m a little behind, just at 9 hours worked out of the 40 that is my goal for the month, but I’ll get there.

On the polishing of the first act, I’m currently working on my Chapter 4, so I’m about halfway through with that. Things are going well, and there have been a few instances where I really had to focus on some things that didn’t quite work, but overall I haven’t changed all that much.

Well, that’s it for my book break progress with writing. How about you other writers out there? Any progress on your special projects? Tell me all about it!

Happy writing everyone!



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