Book Review: Animorphs #8, The Alien

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I’ve got another great book to talk to you about today, and I’m super excited about it! This is my review of Animorphs #8, The Alien.

It’s been about three weeks since I’ve been able to enjoy another Animorphs read, and I blazed through this one in less than a day. It really reignited my thirst for reading, so I am not going to take a reading break and will continue with the next Animorphs book immediately.

That being said, I have a crazy weekend consisting of a convention and a wedding, so my posts on here may get delayed due to that.

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I gave this book four and a half Yeerk-thwarting stars!

Finally, an Animorphs book in Ax’s perspective! I found this book to be very exciting. Ax is the sixth member of the team and the only Andalite. It was nice to get in his head and see where he’s coming from, as I’ve had questions since he was introduced very early in the series.

From the very start, the situational humor had me in stitches. The Animorphs are ready for a break after destroying the Kandrona machine the Yeerks depend on so greatly, and decide to take Ax to the movies. Boy was that a failure! It was also extremely entertaining.

But as the Animorphs are leaving the mall, they discover that something must be happening in the Yeerk part of their world. A man is screaming about the Yeerks, pulling at his ear and trying to get the Yeerk out and causing quite the commotion. The next day, one of Jake’s teachers does the same thing at school.

Were the Animorphs successful in their destruction of the Kandrona? Is this just a fluke? Or do they seriously stand a chance to expose the Yeerks and their presence on Earth?

This book truly had it all. Laughs, chills, thrills. I couldn’t stop turning those pages and finished this in less than a day.

Cassie, Tobias, Jake, and Ax took most of the spotlight in this one, but most of all we got to know Ax better. He shares a bit more about his relationship with his brother Elfangor and how things were right before he was catapulted to Earth. He also shares a little bit more about the Andalites in general, and I really enjoyed that. It really fleshed things out more.

A particular part I really enjoyed about this book were Ax’s journal entries. Most of the entries were really funny and insightful coming from his perspective.

If I had to poke at something, it would be the opportunity the Animorphs had to severely cripple Visser Three but didn’t take. This was the biggest plot hole in this story, so I took a half star off.

All this being said, this continuation of the Animorphs series was thrilling, and I can’t wait to read more!

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