July In Hindsight: Bookish Conquests and Other Things

Howdy Folks,

Man, is it just me or has this summer been moving super fast? The weeks seem to just go in the blink of an eye. I’ve had a couple swim days, but dang summer, slow down!

July has been something of a trying time for me if I’m being honest. At the beginning of the month I was getting sick under the stress I was placing myself. And then I decided to do Camp Nano on top of that (Yeah, because that’s not stressful, right?).


Ultimately, I got over the stress and am doing quite a bit better. And on another positive note, there have been some really great moments in the past month, especially book-wise.
Bookish Conquests

This month I’ve been juggling a little bit more with Camp Nano as well as getting more involved with fellow authors and interviewing them, so my total read count is 5.

A lot of the books I read this month were in different genres, so I actually don’t have a favorite this time around based on that fact.

I rated most of these in the same ballpark (around 4-4.5 stars each), so I consider myself lucky.

For my full review of this month’s reads, check them out on my blog or on GoodReads.
Series Conquests

This month was great for series!

Though I didn’t watch too many series this month, I have to say that I started on a really high note by watching the last two seasons of Stranger Things. Man am I hooked!

As always, the execution of this show was flawless, and I am really sad that I’m going to have to wait quite a bit for the next season.

If you’d like to see my review of Season 2, click here. Season 3, here. Definitely worthy of a binge watch!
Movie Conquests

This month was also pretty exciting for movies. I went through something of a lull in the beginning of the month, but picked things back up when I discovered the Hell House franchise on Shudder.

These movies were great for the horror fan in me. Gritty, suspenseful, and downright scary!

For the first Hell House movie review, click here. The second one, here.
That’s a Wrap!
All right, there goes the month of July. How was your month? Did you read or see something in my conquests? Do you have any recommendations for books, tv, or movies? As always, feel free to comment!

Happy Reading and Watching, everyone!

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