Series Review: Stranger Things, Season Three (Netflix)

Attention Stranger Things Fans,

Today’s post continues my journey into the great 80’s-centric tv show we’ve all come to love and adore. That’s right, today we’re tackling season 3!


There are very few shows that I truly love and adore, and this is one of them! So to celebrate the occasion I rounded up a small posse of friends and had a good ole-fashioned watch party. Man, did we have a lot of fun. Summer treats, a little bit of alcohol, and some serious couch-crashing!

Right from the start, I think this season was already destined to be a big hit. We are reintroduced to our beloved cast of characters one year later (as is tradition), and everyone seems to have moved on with their lives in a positive way.

There are a lot of relationships around: Lucas and Max are together, Eleven and Mike are dating, Nancy and Jonathan are as strong as ever, and even Dustin claims to have found a girl all his own after returning from camp for the summer (even though she’s in freaking Utah, or so he claims)

Imaginary girlfriend, I think so.


When our characters are reunited, I really had fun. I enjoyed the fact that our characters were actually letting their hair down and having some summery fun, especially after all that they’ve been through.

But as we know, nothing lasts forever, and soon several strange occurrences lead Eleven, Nancy, and Jonathan to question how good things actually are in Hawkins. Are they just being overly suspicious, or is there more to all of this?

I think you already know the answer.

Overall, this season packed quite the punch. We got a lot of humor here and there, which I think was great given the dark nature of this show.

We also got quite the avalanche of chills and thrills. In the action scenes this time around, things were quite a bit more violent, and there were many a moment where me and my friends did a communal “Oh, nasty!”

The enemies this time around were cunning, manipulative, and secretive, maybe more so than season 2.

Also, guess what? Will doesn’t get possessed again! I had my reservations about another season because I was hoping that they wouldn’t recycle the same trope they’ve already used, and to my great delight, they didn’t!

I’m keeping this post short because I seriously don’t want to spoil anything (most of what I told you is actually in the trailers), but I’m telling you, if you’re a fan of Stranger Things, you have GOT to give this season a go! It’s binge-worthy, I promise!

If you’re a little behind on all things Stranger Things, feel free to check out my review of the second season.

Happy Watching Everyone!

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  1. Well, the Utah girlfriend does show up when needed. Of course they had to do a duet first!

  2. I’m half way through and loving it! I’m trying to take it slow on watching the episodes, since there will be a long wait for season four.

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