Series Review: GLOW, Season 3 (Netflix)

Growing up, I never liked wrestling.

My little brother loved it, and I always made fun of him for watching hot and sweaty muscled men grabbing at each other in overly dramatized situations.

mma funny

Like typical brothers, our arguments always ended up in fights, sometimes with me throwing my little brother (six years younger than me by the way) over my head.

Kind of ironic that I used a wrestling move on him to prove a point, huh?

Nowadays, I still don’t really care much for wrestling matches, (except MMA for um, personal reasons ūüėČ ) but when I first came upon the Netflix series GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) near the beginning of 2019 I was intrigued.

For me, it obviously wasn’t the wrestling that caught my eye. It was the 80’s.


Laugh all you want, but the 80’s is hands down my favorite era, and I’ve been obsessed since high school.




This series in a nutshell is “a look at the personal and professional lives of a group of women who perform for a wrestling organization in Los Angeles during the 1980s” (thanks IMDB).

The first two seasons I watched earlier this year were great. We got to know a lot of great characters, and there were many laughs, drama, and light thrills along the way.


In the third season, the stakes are higher than ever. After failing at their first attempt to create a successful all-women’s wrestling show, GLOW manages to luck out with a spot in Las Vegas at The Rhapsody, a famous casino.

Can the gorgeous ladies of wrestling step up to the challenge, or are they destined for another burnout, one they can’t recover from?

This season was a lot of fun. From their meager beginnings, it was¬†nice to have a change of scenery¬†to¬†flashy 80’s Vegas. I mean, who doesn’t love gambling and partying?


This new landscape created a new, unique set of issues for the ladies to handle, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

The characters continue to develop, and my favorite is still obviously the MC Ruth as she continues to struggle to find herself and the best direction for her life.


I always relate to that very well, as I find it a struggle to find direction as well.


I also liked the progression with Sheila. She really comes into her own this season and finds herself.



Lastly, I really enjoyed Bash’s progression and coming to terms with his sexuality.


The 80’s were definitely a rough time for finding yourself if you were gay/bi/questioning, especially since it was so taboo back then.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed this season of GLOW and its share of laughs, drama, and light thrills. I’m looking forward to another season should it happen. This season is definitely worthy of a binge watch!

What about you?

That’s it for this recommendation post. How about you? Have you seen GLOW on Netflix? What did you think about it? Want to gush about it? Feel free to share in the comments!

Happy Watching everyone!



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