August In Hindsight: Bookish Conquests and Other Things

Happy Saturday and last day of August everyone!

Can you believe this month is over? It’s crazy, right?

This month is really significant to me, and I’ve actually been counting the days til 8/30 since I just paid off my credit card. It’s been a long time in the works, and I’m overjoyed to finally have my financial freedom back! If you’d like to hear more about that, I’m sure to post something on it next week.

Other than that, this month has been a little irritating. I’ve got my stress levels down from last month (supposedly), but lately I’ve been feeling very restless in general.

I’ve been hoping to enter a certification program related to my degree, but recently learned that it is not covered by financial aid (My student loan payments are now more than rent, so obviously I can’t afford that. Kill me now lol), so I won’t be able to enroll unless I get a hefty bonus at work around Christmas or my taxes are magically way better than last year, neither of which I’m counting on.

Annoyances aside, I am grateful for what I have and happy to have financial freedom. I can finally start living and actually spend a little bit of money on myself. Looking forward to the future!

Writing Conquests

Last month (July) was Camp Nano, so at the beginning of this month I took something of a breather from writing.

The next couple weeks I continued plotting out my second act in extra detail before deciding about a week and a half ago that I would start writing out the second act.

As of right now, I’m in the second scene of chapter one, and I’m enjoying the atmosphere I’m creating so far. Very creepy indeed!


Bookish Conquests

On the bookish side of things this month, my goals were a little bit more than usual. I planned on reading six books this month, and managed to pull it off by 8/28. Go me!

Combining all my scores over this month, my average rating was a 4.4, which is great! I take a lot of pride in my ability to judge a book before I read it, though it does fail me from time to time.

Still, overall this month was great for reading. I discovered a few great new authors (for me at least) that I can’t wait to read more of!

That being said, let’s get into this month’s favorite book. Okay, this was a toughie, more than usual. I had three five-star ratings this month, but there can only be one!

And the favorite book of the month is … Teri Polen’s The Gemini Connection!


Teri’s transcendental writing style went above and beyond any kind of expectations I could’ve had, and that level of writing is what makes an author truly great.

If you’d like to see my review of The Gemini Connection, click here.

Honorable mentions go to Poisonous by Tommy B. Smith and The Devil’s Apprentice by Kenneth B. Andersen!

For my full review of this month’s reads, check them out on my blog or on GoodReads.

Series Conquests

On the TV side of things, this month was really great!

I will say that I started off watching a lot of tv, then books kind of took over for the rest of the month. But hey, that happens and I really enjoyed the books I read, so it was worth it.

Out of the three, my favorite would have to be The Boys.

The Boys

Though I was swept away when I watched Another Life, I have a profound love of superheroes since a kid, and was hypnotized by every episode of The Boys.

Definitely worth binge watching!

If you’d like to see my review of The Boys, click here.

Movie Conquests

Unfortunately, this month the movie side of things hasn’t been the best. Most movies I watched either weren’t worth posting about, or I simply haven’t had the time to post about them.

In the future, I’m going to try to be better about this and post at least a basic review, but with how often I’ve been posting I’m not sure how I’m going to find extra time to post even more.

That’s a Wrap!
All right, there goes the month of August. How was your month? Did you read or see something in my conquests? Do you have any recommendations for books, tv, or movies? As always, feel free to comment!

Happy Reading and Watching, everyone!

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