Series Review: The Dark Crystal – Age of Resistance, Season 1 (Netflix)

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Man, have I got a treat for you today! I’m reviewing the recent release of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on Netflix.


Now, if you’re not familiar with Jim Henson’s previous work, this is not the first time we’ve been introduced to the Gelflings and their plight.

Back in the early 80’s the original Dark Crystal was released. Though I’m ashamed to say it, I never really quite understood it or appreciated it much, though I do love Henson’s work in general.

But this series on Netflix definitely changed my mind!

Series Blurb:

On the planet Thra, three Gelflings—Rian, Brea and Deet—inspire a rebellion against the Skeksis when they discover a horrifying secret behind their power that threatens all of Thra.            

My Review:

I deeply enjoyed this magical journey to the land of Thra!

For a millenia, the Skeksis have ruled over Thra. Convincing Mother Aurgra (a great prophet) to part with the crystal of truth in exchange for a chance to explore the stars from her own mind, the Gelfling and Skeksis have lived in relative peace.

However, beneath the Skeksis’ seemingly honest attempt to rule peacefully lies their hidden agenda, to find a way to live forever. When the Skeksis find a way to make immortality possible, it comes at a high price, one that the Gelfling must pay for.

When Rian, a young Gelfling, witnesses this travesty he starts a rebellion that will change the very foundations of Thra itself. Can the Gelfling save Thra from the Skeksis, or will they be crushed under the Skeksis iron rule and dark desires?

From the very start of this series, my eyes were glued to the screen. The narrator takes us to this magical land and explains the seven races of Gelfling. The visuals were amazing, and that really got me hooked in the first place.

The characters are all very intriguing as well. We have Rian, a young Gelfling who overall believes in truth and justice.


Deet, a sweet Gelfling who has lived underneath the ground with her race, but is drawn above ground as a mystical being known as the Century tree pleads that she save Thra from an evil threat known as The Darkening.


Then, we have Brea, Gelfling daughter of the great All-Maudra, who rules alongside the Skeksis. Naturally curious, she seeks out truth and wisdom.


All of these characters and more are intertwined in an intricate plot that leads them to a great age of resistance against the Skeksis.

The plot itself was well-planned and easy to follow, making this series truly binge-worthy. I rarely felt a sliver of confusion at what was happening.

Another great thing about this series was the world building. There is so much to this world that we get to see, much of it magical and mesmerizing, some of it dark and chaotic. The plot takes place in different parts of Thra, and we get a well-rounded look at what their world is like.

Each race has a different aesthetic, and it was really refreshing that so much thought and detail went into this production. The best part of it all is that that there’s still so much more for us to see.

Ultimately, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a great debut season to what I hope will be a long series. It’s got adventure, it’s got action, and best of all, this series has heart. This series is wonderful and worth the 9/10 score that I’m giving it.

PS: I recommend this series for those 13 and up, as some of the themes may be too dark for small children.


Well, that wraps up my review of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Have you seen this on Netflix? Did you enjoy it? Love it? Hate it? Feel free to share in the comments, and happy watching!

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    • Yeah, I was a little skeptical too. As a kid, I never really enjoyed the original Dark Crystal movie like other Henson productions.

      That being said, I’m glad I gave it a shot!

  1. I’m with you; this series is great. Fans of the original movie will love it, but I think you could come to this without seeing the original movie and be fine. They tell you what you need to know. If anything, I found my knowledge of the original a little confusing. I thought I knew what was going to happen, then they killed a character who’s in the original. Interested to see what they do about that!

    Any idea how many seasons they hope to run?

    • Yeah, totally! I vaguely remembered the general plot of the movie but that didn’t matter much. They really fleshed everything out in a great new way, and it was amazing!

      Hmm I’m not sure. Hopefully at least another two seasons. Crossing my fingers!

  2. I’ve been wanting to watch this so bad, but never saw the original movie. Would you recommend watching the movie first for some knowledge, or can I dive right in and understand all that’s happening?

    • Hmm, I say you could start with the series.

      The only thing I remembered from the original before I watched the show was that there were mean birds and that the good creatures were called Gelflings, and I loved it!

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