Weekly Progress Update!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Sunday! How was your week? Mine was pretty good actually.

For starters, I kicked off my Festival of Frights this week.

Festival of Frights1

It feels great to get into the spirit of things, and I can’t wait to share more great entertaining posts with you! Keep your eyes peeled!

This week started off with the same tension I’ve been feeling at work but got better around Wednesday, so I’m hopeful that things are on the uphill trend.

I did get a chance to do some much needed karaoke on Friday with some friends, and it was nice to let my hair down a bit.

I also have another small announcement to make, but I’ll do that in another post. All right, let’s get into all things entertainment for this week!


On the bookish side of things, I finished No Good Men by Thea McAlistair.


While this wasn’t technically in my Halloween reads, it could very well fit alongside them. This book is an era-based murder mystery of sorts, and I had a wonderful time reading it. The characters, the plot, the romance, I loved it all!

To check out my review, click here. Also, if you want you can also check out my exclusive interview with the author here.


On the watching side of things, I saw It Stains The Sands Red.


This was a very original zombie flick, and I definitely recommend taking a watch should you get a chance!

To check out my review, click here.

My Writing

On the writing side of things, this week was actually pretty good!

I continued polishing my ninth chapter of the Reaper Sequel, and finished the tenth chapter as well.

I decided to cut the tenth chapter a little short, but I may go back and change that.

I also got started on the eleventh chapter and am about a page or so in.

Wish me luck!

That’s a Wrap!

All right, that’s it for my week. How did yours go? Did you do well on your writing and reading projects? Anything interesting you’d like to share?

Do you have any great recommendations in TV, movies, or books? Feel free to share in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by everyone, and Happy Sunday!

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  1. Sounds like you’re coming along on your Reaper sequel. Good luck with it this week. I’ve been watching a French show on Netflix called Marianne (with subtitles because I don’t speak French). Witches, gore, fun jump scenes . . . it’s pretty good!

  2. You don’t want my recommendations I fear. I go more for the cozy end of the reading world! Horror is too frightening! I like how you track your writing progress. I tend to create chapters well after the entire book is written but it seems you write by chapters. That’s interesting.

    • Hey, sometimes a cozy read can be nice. Although the next month or two will be mainly scares in abundance.

      Thanks! Yeah I’m big on plotting vs pantsing in my writing, so I kind of obsess over where my chapters end and having a good hook.

    • Yeah, for sure! It’s definitely interesting.

      Yes, definitely making progress, just not as fast as I was starting out. But that’s typical for me. The middle is the worst part, and I still have some things to figure out.

      Oh no! Well I hope you can progress forward soon friend! You can do this!

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