KC Pet Project: For the Love of Animals

Hi Everyone,

Surprise post!

After volunteering today, I was inspired to share a little bit more of myself with my followers. I don’t necessarily plan on making this a constant segment, but may drop in from time to time on this subject.

So, a little bit about me. I’ve always loved cats and dogs. They’re sweet, cuddly, and great companions for us humans.

Shortly after losing my childhood cat in 2016, I decided to do something to give back to the world of pets as well as honor his memory.

Enter KC Pet Project.


KC Pet Project has been a great experience for me in the past few years. I volunteer there once a week (Sundays) and mainly do socialization for the cats at the Zona Rosa location, as well as assist in matching potential adoptors with these little angels.

This week, I got to see some cute new faces as well as some regulars:

(Please excuse the kennel bars in some of the photos, some of the cats we’re so excited that I couldn’t get a good picture of them)

Cats in order from left to right are: Maddie, Gabby, Bronson, Boston, Chip, and Monarch. 

Aren’t they adorable? I wish I could take them all home with me!

My favorite part about KC Pet Project is that however negative I may be feeling when I go in, I always feel so much better afterwards.

Anywho, that’s just a little bit more about me. Hope you enjoyed this random segment, and if you’d like to give back, KC Pet Project always accepts donations and volunteers.

Have a great rest of the day!


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