Weekly Progress Update!

Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey, peeps!

How’s your week and weekend going? Got anything interesting going on?

My week has been a mixed bag honestly. I was expecting a big change in my life, but unfortunately that will not be happening anytime soon, so it’s been a little hard for me to come to terms with. Still, I am nothing if not ambitious and resourceful, so I will keep on trucking!

As far as my weekend, I got to get out of the house for a while and see some new places, so that was pretty exciting. I experienced a new temporary spook easy nearby (may make a post about it) and went to another place that was having a queer takeover, so lots of fun destinations and cocktails were had. Sometimes you just gotta get out and enjoy what the world has to offer, am I right?

Anywho, lets dive into things!


On the bookish side of things, I finished Teri Polen’s Sarah, a horror novel, this week.


Sarah exceeded my expectations, and I am just floored that I’ve loved everything written by Teri Polen thus far. Is there anything this awesome lady can’t do? Don’t answer that!

If you’d like to check out my review from earlier this week, click here. Definitely a bingeworthy endeavor!

This book really reignited my drive to read some scary stuff in the spirit of Halloween.


On the watching side of things, this week I enjoyed Brightburn, a horror take on the classic Superman tale.

I was amazed and shook by this movie, and simply can’t speak more positively about it. If you like horror and moody, dangerous, superpowered adolescents, then this is for you!

To check out my review from Saturday, click here.

PS: I have a slight backlog of movies to write posts for, so worst case, I may post a lot of movie reviews the week of Halloween. Same goes with music recommendations, so keep an eye out!

My Writing

On the writing side of things, I’m happy to say that I was super successful this week!

pat self

Now, as you may or may not know, I have a weekly goal of 2,000 words to be written, or 8 pages worth.

This week I wrote a total of 3,250 words, 13 pages! I wrote the rest of my Chapter 12, and finished the first scene in Chapter 13.

That being said, I’m almost at the point where I need to look back at my plotting for a little bit, as things aren’t quite as defined after Chapter 13. I know where things are going, yes, but my plotter nature is starting to nag at me again.

Don’t worry, I won’t obsess, I just want to have enough to go off of comfortably.

That’s a Wrap!

All right, so that was it for my week, and I hope yours went well too. Did you do well on your writing and reading projects? Anything interesting you’d like to share?

Do you have any great recommendations in TV, movies, or books? Feel free to share in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by everyone, and Happy Sunday!

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    • Thanks friend! I mainly have to thank that progress for not going back and polishing. I’m going to let this first draft be a dumpster fire if need be. I just need to finish this book so I can go back later.

      Thanks on the gif haha!

      Oh okay, cool! You can do this!

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