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This time around, I’m reviewing my experience reading Heaven Sent by Montre Bible.

heaven sent

Fun fact, this is Montre’s first published novel. Other fun fact, Montre and I go WAY back.

I have lived in Dallas for most of my life (until 2012), and we were drinking buddies for many a year. Montre actually helped me edit my debut novella Reaper when he told me about his writing. I simply couldn’t resist starting his series!

Let’s get into it, shall we?


As the descendant of a fallen half-angel and a human, young Andrew is possessed of supernatural powers that are dangerously beyond his understanding. Then an inevitable dark force rises up to threaten his family…and his soul. As he is forced to confront tragedy and heartache, Andrew, with the help of his long-lost father and twin brother, embarks on a journey of spiritual discovery that will awaken him to the power of God and the glory of using his talents for good instead of evil.

The Review:

heaven sent


I gave this book four and a half demon-fighting stars!

This is my first reading of Montre Bible’s work, and I was blown away! I honestly didn’t know what to expect, you never do with a new author, but it was great!

This book centers around a young man named Andrew who lives with his mother in Heaven, Texas. She’s raised him to be a kind, respectful Christian, but when strange things begin to happen to him and his mother, questions arise that have never been answered. Questions that lead to terrifying revelations about his family, his legacy, and a dangerous future.

Can Andrew face his family’s past and accept his future? Is his faith strong enough to carry him through this trying time, or will he falter?

This book had so many great things going for it.

I think the highest pro on the list would have to be Andrew. His character is very well thought out, and I felt that he was portrayed excellently as a Christian high schooler, given his journey throughout the novel. He’s not perfect. Everyone has doubts, and his faith is tested in many ways, but that’s the great thing about Andrew. He’s resilient and though he may stumble here and there, he picks himself back up and does the right thing.

The other characters were great too. His mom, Courtney, Mack. There weren’t so many characters that I got confused and they each had their own unique quirks that made them very three dimensional.

The concept of this novel comes in at a close second on the pros. I love the theme of angels and demons, and enjoyed every second of it. This is a Christian-themed novel, and even though I’m not a Christian, I never felt like the novel’s ideals were too harsh. I actually think the Christian theme made this book. It really tied everything together for me.

And of course, no book would be enthralling without a journey. Andrew’s journey is fraught with turmoil, of threats seen and unseen. There was a great initial build up, the plot twists were great, and I couldn’t see them coming, even up until the end. There’s a lot of mystery tied to Andrew’s family history, and I enjoyed uncovering the secrets as he did.

Ultimately, Heaven Sent is a stunning debut novel by an author with great talent. This story is a gripping tale of family, faith, and the power to persevere against your greatest demons, be they your own or summoned from a dark evil.

Can’t wait to read the next book!

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