Book Review: Animorphs #17, The Underground

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Today’s post is all about the book I just finished on my lunch break, Animorphs #17, The Underground.


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What’s tasty, good for you, and only takes sixty seconds to make? Oatmeal. And it’s making the Yeerks more than a little crazy. Now Rachel, the other Animorphs, and Ax have a new weapon against the Yeerks. Sounds good, right?

The Review:



I give this book four and a half maple and ginger stars!

In this installment of the Animorphs series, Rachel and the others learn of a deadly secret, a weakness of the Yeerks! I’ll give you a hint, it’s for breakfast, mushy, and looks like slop. Yep, it’s oatmeal!

The only thing is, what should they do with this information? Should they risk a direct attack on the Yeerk pool, or is there another way they can settle the score in this increasingly violent war?

This book was a lot of fun. This time around, we’re in Rachel’s POV, which has quickly become my favorite. She’s always been more gung ho about attacking the Yeerks, and I really respect that. She’s one tough cookie and not afraid to kick some serious butt.

I really enjoyed the humor from the beginning. Applegate always seems to do a good job of that in each book. It always starts off light, and this time the Planet Hollywood reference brought back some serious nostalgia.

The stakes were high once again with the discovery of the Yeerk’s weakness, but I felt in spots the execution was a little redundant and the adventure somewhat repetitive.

Despite that, this book did a great job of upping the ante. It’s clear from reading this that the Yeerks are getting more powerful, their influence stronger. It’s foreboding and ominous of the difficult adventures ahead of our Animorph friends.

All in all, this was a fun, exhilarating continuation of the series, and although it wasn’t my favorite, it still definitely packed a punch, whether or not you like oatmeal.

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