Mail, mail, what’s in the mail?

Good Morning World,

This week is off to an insane start, wouldn’t you say?

That’s why I was so glad when I got a big package in the mail last night. Okay, I’ll admit, I need to slow down on my purchases a little bit (I’m completely booked -pun intended- on reads for the next month and a half), but I am REALLY enjoying these small book hauls.

All right, so what came in the mail yesterday? Check it!


All Systems Red by Martha Wells

If you’ve seen my review, you already know that I was completely blown away! This was a five-star scifi adventure, plain and simple.

And did I mention how nice the book feels in my hands? Talk about destiny!


Artificial Condition & Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells

These are the second and third books in the Murderbot Diaries series. After my awesome experience with the first book, I went off the deep end and bought the next two, but can you really blame me?


The Power Unleashed by J.E. Nelson

When I got an email from J.E. Nelson that she had released her second book, I simply had to bite!

I really enjoyed reading her first book The Power Within, and am excited to start another chapter in Daphne’s adventure!


That’s a Wrap!

All righty book worms, that’s what’s in the mail for me today. How about you? Get any packages or have some coming that you’re excited about?

Tell me all about it in the comments!

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great day!

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    • I hear you! My TBR is insane, though in tidy order for the most part. Until I’m in my last three or four books stacked on my bedside table (there are like 10 right now) I am in a strict no purchase mode. Let’s see how long that lasts lol.

  1. I haven’t got any books in the mail but I did get a new phone charger that’s pink and my husband surprised me with a set of gel nail polishes because I just got a new gel nail kit. While not books those are both exciting to me.

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