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Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you had a good productive week at work. This week has been a whirlwind for me with work busy as ever and fears on the coronavirus going rampant (don’t worry, I won’t go into this I swear, though I am going to Costco with my friend Stacy to be ready for anything this weekend).

I can definitely use two days off, and I bet you could too!

So to celebrate today, let’s get to know another special guest on my blog! This time around I’m getting to know fellow blogger Misty from Misty’s Book Space.

Fun Fact, Misty and I met on WordPress due to our mutual love of books. I’ve always kept an eye on her great posts and lately we’ve been chatting a lot about books we’ve both read and are currently reading.

It was only a matter of time before I asked her to stop by and share more about herself.

Alright, let’s get this digital chat going!





I’m a 31 year old stay at home wife. Growing up I was never into reading and it wasn’t until about 4 or 5 years ago that I really got into it. You will usually find me reading a book or doing something on my computer which usually will have something to do with books.

The Interview


Hi Misty, thanks so much for stopping by. To keep things interesting, I like to ask my interviewees a random question to get the blood flowing. Here’s yours!

In a strange twist of fate, you inherit a vast fortune from an unknown relative that has recently passed. What do you do with the money? 

First I would pay off all of my bills to get us out of debt. Then I would buy a house and if there was any money left I would of course start spending it on things I don’t necessarily need more of like books of course.

I hear that! I would pay off my student loan debt and buy a small two-story far enough away from civilization, but not too far. Then just live off of the land and write and read to my heart’s content. *sighs dreamily* We can certainly dream!



Misty and the Blogging Process


How do you find inspiration to blog?  

When it comes to me writing blog posts I typically stick to your standard posts like TBRs, wrap ups, reviews, tags, memes etc. I don’t usually venture out because I am not a very creative person.

I like that. You know yourself and what works for you. Very honest. I am super creative, but I lack the time for posts nowadays, so I typically just stick to book, movie, and series reviews, with the occasional writing progress update. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, am I right? 


What kind of setting do you blog in most times? 

When I am blogging I am sitting in my recliner with my headphones in listening to ocean sounds on YouTube. I can’t have music or anything because I am easily distracted.

I just bought a new desktop computer, so I do my posts in my room now at my desk (the laptop screen was too small, ugh!), but I am with you 100% on the ambient noise. I have to block out all outside noise or I’ll get irate pretty quickly lol. 


I always find it interesting how bloggers lead multiple lives. What is your dayjob? Do you enjoy it?

I mentioned above that I am a stay at home wife and overall I do enjoy it. It can be pretty boring but books help with making things interesting because I get to live multiple lives.

Hey, I’ll take boring any day, haha! Who was it that said readers get to live 1000 lives? Wasn’t it George RR Martin? Anyways, you’re 100% right on that one. 


As a blogger, what kind of goals do you set for yourself? How do you achieve them? 

Each year I set your basic reading goal like how many books I want to read in a year how many pages stuff like that and then some that go with the challenges that I participate in.

You know, I’ve always liked the idea of having a reading goal, but I’m also terrified of pushing myself too much (A bad habit that seems to keep rearing its head). That’s great that you can set goals for yourself and follow through. I’m very much a planner kinda guy. 

I do like the blog challenges too, but I’m super picky. 


How long have you been blogging? 

I started my blog in July of 2016 so going on 4 years.

 Wow, congrats! I’m just a blogger infant, my one year will be in April.


Why do you blog? 

I started my blog because I wanted to talk about books and Instagram just wasn’t cutting it for me because there’s a limit on how much you can write on an Instagram post.

So true on Instagram, and I’m glad you blog because we got to meet that way! I too love talking about books, but you already know that from our random conversations here and there. It’s nice to have a friend who loves to talk about books as much as I do. 


What is your favorite part of blogging?

I know it’s so cliche but I love the blogging community. Everyone is so supportive and helpful and you always have someone to talk to about a book.

No, that’s not cliche at all! You’re so right on this one. I didn’t know what to expect when I start blogging, but the community is so supportive and respectful even when your opinions don’t sync up with theirs. 


If you could give advice to new writers/bloggers, what would you say?

For bloggers I would tell them to just be you. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers. Also to go crazy requesting ARCs. While it’s amazing to get books before they release it’s can also be stressful to keep up with all the deadlines and you will most certainly over book yourself it it will make reading not fun which no one wants to happen.

Thank you for the great, honest answer. I think it’s so easy to get swept away in the world of blogging, so staying true to yourself should be paramount. 

I haven’t jumped on the ARC train fully, so I’ll take your word for it. Honestly, I haven’t gotten on that bandwagon because I am extremely picky with my reads. If there’s a doubt I’ll like something I probably won’t give it a chance. 


What do you think made your blog successful?

I stuck to it and interacted with my followers and people I am following and I talk about books which is what we all like to talk about.

Yes! This is what personal blogging success should be. Enjoying your time and interacting with others with similar interests. This is definitely what I’m aiming for as well. 


What networking do you do that you feel helps your blogging business?

My blog is linked to twitter and my facebook page so everytime I share a blog post it automatically shares it on those two sites as well and I’m constantly interacting with fellow book lovers.

Oh wow, that’s really useful! Actually, I’d love to chat with you on how to have it auto share. That would save me SO much time! 


What do you find most challenging about blogging?

Coming up with post ideas and writing reviews. Reviews are my least favorite thing about blogging because I have the hardest time putting into words how I feel about a book I’ve read.

Yeah, I hear you on post ideas. My problem is I’ll have an idea and not write it down, just to forget it later. 

I can also relate on reviews. While I love talking about books, writing a well thought out review can be daunting. Sometimes it comes easily to me, but other times it’s like climbing a mountain in sandals. 


When did you first consider yourself a blogger? 

As soon as I started my blog. I might not have been the greatest but we all have to start somewhere right?

Totally! When I first started, I was kinda nervous about what I wanted to do as well as how I wanted to approach things. But everything takes time and after a while you get the hang of things and come into your own. 


Where do you get ideas for your blogging?

Like I mentioned above I usually stick to the basic types of bookish posts but sometimes I get ideas from bloggers I follow.

I agree with you. I have my basic posts down, but every once in a while I’ll see a really ingenious post that inspires me and will do a variation of it on my blog. And you said you weren’t creative!



Fun Facts About Misty


Pancakes or waffles?

I honestly don’t care either way. I don’t eat them very often because I hate being sticky and no matter how careful I am with the syrup I always end up getting sticky somehow.

Fair enough! Honestly I’m not big on breakfast items unless it’s the meat and potatoes stuff, but I’ve always favored waffles over pancakes, especially chicken and waffles, yum!


What’s your favorite place that you’ve travelled to?

I haven’t traveled to very many places in my life and some of the places I have been to I can’t remember because I was so young. I do know that I love Florida.

Yeah, I’m somewhat in the same boat. I travelled a lot as a kid, to Florida actually, but a few years ago started travelling hardcore again. LA, Portland, Seattle, Denver, those are my most recent big ticket trips. I’m hoping for Hawaii this summer season as well. 


Are pineapples on pizza blasphemy or no?

Umm for me yes because I don’t like pineapple but you do you.

I like pineapples. I like pizza. But I just don’t like them together for some reason. Meh, to each their own. 


If you had to choose one type of food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

it would either be mexican food most likely fajitas or chicken burritos with bell peppers and onions covered in cheese dip or pasta.

Ooo, that does sound pretty yummy! Next time you’re in KC, definitely let me know and we’ll get some fajitas and margaritas! Personally, I always choose asian food. Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, they’re all so good!


If you could meet anyone who ever lived, past or present, who would that be? 

Keeping it bookish I would like to me my favorite author Nicholas Sparks.

Oh, what a great answer! Get him to share his secrets to book writing, will ya? Hmm today I’m feeling Lev Grossman, mainly because I’m watching The Magicians at the moment and also because he only seems to have that one series and everything else is non fantasy. I’d like some answers!


What are your favorite tv shows and movies? 

I have so many. My favorite tv shows are Bones, NCIS, Blue Bloods, Supernatural, and Gilmore Girls among others that I am sure I am forgetting. As for movies I love Dirty Dancing, Grease, Tremors, and Beauty and the Beast.

Me too, it’s a real problem. Okay, definitely an investigative kind of mindset with some thrills. I can get into a wide variety of things, I just have to be in the mood. Right now it’s The Magicians for me, but there’s Ares and several other shows I want to try out. Oh, and the Betty White documentary was fantastic!


What are you reading now?

Right now I am reading The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King and I just started Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

I’m a big fan of The Dark Tower Series, although I’m pretty sure I stopped after the book you’re on. Right now I’m reading Watchmen. It’s very dark, grisly, and kickass!


What is your favorite genre to read? Why? 

I read a little bit of every genre but I absolutely love when there’s romance involved. What can I say I just love love.

Aww, I love that! I don’t mind romance, as long as it’s not the main plot point. Teri Polen always sneaks in a great romance without me noticing too much. For me, I like something with action, scifi, and fantasy. Something that gets my heart thumping. Doesn’t necessarily have to be horror, though I live for darker concepts. 


If you had the chance to live any life you want, what life would that be?

Honestly I am content with my life. The only thing I would want to change would be to be financially stable. I don’t mean being rich. I could care less about being rich, I just would like to not have to live paycheck to paycheck.

I’m very happy for you! Most people can’t say that they are primarily happy with their lives. Financial stability can be very tricky. I myself am still very much paycheck to paycheck, but I’ve come to a crossroads in the past year and things are moving in an interesting direction. 

If I could change anything I’d work less and write more, but that’s something of a pipe dream. Though one day I would like to work part time so I can write full time. That’s my holy grail, though I know I probably won’t get there for another 10-20 years if ever. Still, super hopeful I will get there one day. 


Alright, it looks like our times almost up. Last question! 

If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

It gets better! Kids can be mean but one day you will grow up and find someone who loves you for you and doesn’t care that you’re handicap.

Yes, it certainly does get better! I really like that message to your younger self. For little kid Jonny I would say don’t be afraid to stand out. It’s scary to stand out as a kid when other kids find it easy to make fun of anyone who is different, but the rewards are definitely worth it!



That’s a Wrap!

All righty book worms, that wraps up my interview with Misty. I always have a great time chatting with her, and I hope you enjoyed our convo too!

If you’d like to learn more about Misty and her blog, she can be reached at the social media links provided below.

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great day!


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  1. This was so fun and I love that we have so much in common. I didn’t even know there was a Betty White documentary. I would definitely like to watch that. Thank you for including me on your blog.

  2. So nice learning more about you, Misty. I’m not a fan of onions or peppers, so I’d have to pass on the burritos and fajitas, but I could eat pizza every day (no pineapple). Thanks for featuring Misty, Jonny!

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