Book Review: Heaven Bound

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February has been awful for me in terms of reading compared to other months, but you’ll be happy to know that I finally finished another book, yay!

This time around it’s Heaven Bound by Montre Bible, the second in his Heaven Sent series.


I plead the fifth. I had to keep pushing this one back further on my TBR due to other reading obligations, and for that I’m super sorry! I really need to stick to my guns more about what I set out to read, even at the expense of disappointing someone else.

Montre and I go way back to when I lived in Dallas. He’s a great guy and just as good of a writer. While you’re checking out this review, feel free to check out my interview with Montre.

All right, let’s get started!


From the acclaimed author of Heaven Sent comes a compelling, inventive sequel that combines spirituality with a fascinating supernatural twist.

The Review:



I gave this book four evil-banishing stars!

Going in to this review, it should be said that this is technically a prequel to the first book. This novel centers around Andrew’s mom Andrea and the series of events that led to the first novel.

Andrea is a bright young woman, eager to continue her education after she gets a full ride to a college several hours away from home. With her future ahead of her, she takes up residence quickly, adjusting to her new environment and the drama inherent.

But soon, strange things begin to happen. Things that are cannot be explained, things that may have something to do with Andrea’s past and upbringing. As mystery and danger loom over the horizon, can Andrea pull it together to defeat the evil that emanates, or will she die trying?

I really enjoyed this one, I have to say.

Let’s start with the characters. Andrea is clearly bright and has a really good head on her shoulders. I liked her personality type. It made her a great fit for the protagonist. Karen and Valerie were also great in my opinion, each with their distinct quirks and flaws. And Phillip? Pft! Don’t get me started on him. The characters were great overall.

Concept and plot was stellar too. It was a similar setup to the first novel, but different enough to pique my interest most of the way through. Andrea’s journey of self-discovery was really good and I liked the fantasy elements tied in. It was very well thought out. There was a good mix of action and character development all the way through.

If I had to pick at anything I would say there was a certain area of the book that I felt had a bit too much drama. It was slightly after the beginning, maybe 50 pages in or so, and there was a bit too much emphasis on the drama aspect of things for me. I totally get why it was portrayed this way and it did tie into later events, but that area fell a tad flat on me. Other than that, I honestly have no complaints.

Heaven Bound is a strong continuation of the Heaven Sent series, dripping with mystery, heartache, thrills, and the power of faith to defeat our demons, real or not.

Great book!

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