February In Hindsight: Bookish Conquests and Other Things

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Like last month, due to timing I’m posting this in place of my usual weekly update.

This month has seriously flashed by, hasn’t it?

I’ve had a crazy emotional roller coaster of a month. My mother is going through some serious health issues right now. Things have progressed to an acceptable state for now, but I’m just really worried overall. Please send any positive energy or prayers her way. It’s much appreciated!

Also, work has been quite the up-and-down voyage as well. I’ve reached a point once again where I was getting sick from the stress I was feeling at work. While I have changed my perspective to a more positive one, the fact is that I need to explore future options like starting my own business or working remotely somehow. I’m not by any means quitting my job, I’m just not happy right now and need to see what’s out there.

All right, enough chit chat. Are you ready for February conquests?

Writing Conquests

Writing went great this month!

As you may know, I’m wrapping up the second act of my Reaper sequel, and I’ve really been hitting them qwerty keys!

This month, I wrote a total of 14,972 words, or about 60 pages. Can I just say, damn! I’m not sure I’ve ever quite written that much in a month’s span, and I’m super proud of myself. I wrote just about four chapters this month, and once I wrap up the current chapter I’m on, I’ll have just one more before I begin writing the third act and finish things up.

I’m super ecstatic about all of this. I just know that I’ll be able to finish my book on my writer’s retreat to Hermann this month!

In the meantime, why not check out my first novel Reaper?


It’s got just the right amount of chills and thrills to keep you awake at night.


Bookish Conquests

I’ll admit, this month wasn’t the greatest for reading, probably due to the amount of stress I’ve been under. Getting excited about anything recently seemed impossible, and I’m sure it’ll pass, I just don’t know when. Still I have managed to get at least some reads in.

This month’s reads were Watchmen, Animorphs #19, Subject A36, The Celestial Assignment, Colombian Betrayal, Heaven Bound, and Premium Harmony.

Despite there not being too many in number, I’m still pretty proud of myself. I think there’s a really good mix of different genre’s in here and it’s nice and diverse. I ended up enjoying every read this month to some degree, so that’s a win.

Feel free to check out the links to my reviews below. You can also check them out on my blog or on GoodReads.

Watchmen Review

Animorphs #19 Review

Subject A36 Review

The Celestial Assignment Review

Colombian Betrayal Review

Heaven Bound Review

Premium Harmony Review


Movie & Series Conquests

On the watching side of things, I think this month has been pretty productive as well.

This month’s watches were The Magicians Season 2 & 3, Watchmen (film), Wind, Aladdin, Locke & Key, Doctor Sleep, and I Am Not Okay with This.

I have to say, every single movie or series I reviewed was exceptional, just out of this world! I couldn’t be happier. Feel free to check out the links below if something catches your eye.

The Magicians, Season Two Review

The Magicians, Season Three Review

Watchmen (film) Review

Wind Review

Aladdin Review

Locke & Key Review

Doctor Sleep Review

I Am Not Okay with This Review


That’s a Wrap!

All right, there goes the month of February, farewell! How was your month? Did you read or see something in my conquests? Do you have any recommendations for books, tv, or movies? As always, feel free to comment!

Happy Reading and Watching, everyone!

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  1. Almost 15k words, that’s awesome! I’m praying for your mom. I know you must be worried. I watched The Girl on the Third Floor (Netflix) yesterday. It’s not a high budget movie, so . . . you know. But it was great fun.

    • Thanks, the writing is really coming through, I just need to maintain that momentum.

      Yeah, I’m just worried at this point and there’s not much I can do about it. Thanks for your prayers.

      Oh cool! I’ve seen the cover for it but havent gotten to it just yet. I’ll definitely check it out!

  2. I only managed to read 6 books this month which isn’t bad at all but I can normally read 9-10 books in a month. I have fallen behind on some of my goals because of that but I have 10 months to catch up.

    • Hey, you read something, that’s all that matters! But yeah, I definitely feel you. I tend to get upset with myself when things don’t pan out how I intend them to.

      However, I actually think my reading slump is over!

      • I actually decided for now to shelve it. With my reading slump, the pressure of things was too much for me to handle. I do intend on continuing, just not at this time. Gotta follow my heart on reads first and foremost.

      • Yeah I totally understand that. I look forward to your thoughts on it. My review for it should have gone up on Friday but I hadn’t finished it yet but now it will be up on Monday.

  3. Super month, Jonny! Congrats on your writing. That’s a great word count. I’m so impressed you got anything done with your mom being sick and work stress, let alone achieved so many great things. I hope March will be a better month for you.

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