Book Review: Animorphs #20, The Discovery

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I’mmm back! Man, this weekend is really good for reading I’ve gotta say. I’m beginning to think that my reading slump is over, so thanks for hanging in there with me. True to form, I defaulted my next read to an Animorphs book, this time #20, The Discovery.


This is actually one of the Animorphs reads that seems familiar, but is still so new to me since it’s been well over a decade since reading.

Let’s not dilly dally and get right into the review!


When he stumbles on the blue box used to create the Animorphs–the shape-shifting animal-humans–David determines to become the most powerful Animorph of all, before Marco can catch him and turn him over to the Yeerks.

The Review:



I gave this book five stars!

Man oh man was this book good! I blazed through it in two little reading marathons over the span of about two hours and couldn’t get enough!

This book is the first in the famous “David trilogy”, and it was amazing!

This time around we are in Marco’s POV.

Everything seems to have gone back to the weird level of normal that the Animorphs are used to. That is, until Marco sees some new kid at school tinkering with the blue box that gave them the power to morph.

Desperate to make a move for it, the situation quickly escalates to catastrophic proportions, including a second mission that could very well tip the scales back towards the Yeerks in a huge way. Can Marco and the others get the blue box back? Do they have a potential new Animorph to add to their team?

Hands down, I loved this book (sorry I keep saying it, but it’s true!).

The stakes were so high this time around and there were a ton of great elements present that had me hooked. The blue box could change everything for our animal-morphing heroes. They have the potential to create an army of Animorphs to derail the Yeerks’ sinister plans and actually talked about things going in that direction. It was so exciting!

The secondary mission wasn’t really very secondary and also kept my interest as well.

As always, the characters are great. Marco takes the spotlight, but everyone is very involved in this continuation. And what about David, the new guy? Poor, poor David. I’m not gonna spoil it, but to have a bomb dropped on you like this without much of an option … it’s just terrible all around.

I think overall each mission is seriously getting more and more dangerous, with the Yeerks influence increasing in each adventure. Plot and flow were flawless in this continuation, and I can’t wait to read more!

That’s a Wrap!

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Have you read this book before? What did you think? Do you have a book recommendation similar to this one? Feel free to share in the comments!

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    • Heck yeah! I almost wanted to pick up the next one immediately but reeled myself back. One for one day is good, and I have other things I need to do lol.

      I’m telling you, I’ve created a monster lol.

      • Haha! Congrats on the self control. It’s really hard with a series of good books,especially when you can read them so quickly. There’s always the temptation for just one more…

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